Saturday, December 22, 2012

A year in review, while looking ahead.

2012 is winding down and 2013 is just a few weeks away. I am excited for the New Year and the race schedule I have planned out. I of course have my New Year's Day, 20.13 mile bike ride set to go to ring in the New Year.  Numerous triathlons, bike races (both road and mountain bike) and running races are all part of it my 2013 plan/goals. Maybe even another cyclocross race or two.  2012 was a time for me to heal from an injury and rebuild myself, with not competing in as many events or as much training as I wanted to accomplish.  I am super excited about the MIO Alpha, a strapless heart rate monitor, coming out just after the New Year. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Giving Cyclocross a Spin

This past weekend I competed and found out what cyclocross is all about, or at least three laps of a course is like.  I took part in the second-class citizen race.  The race was myself and two other costumed riders.  The course was full of hairpin turns, trees, and a few hill climbs.  It was set up on a local working farm in town.   The hill on the course had both packed dirt and loose, which was easier to dismount and run the bike up.  Also the one direction you entered the hill on, it was both soft dirt on the way up and on the way down making it much easier once again just to run with the bike.  I attempted to ride my bike down on my second lap, but only was slowed up and lost some time.  With the race starting at 10pm, when most folks are tucked in bed, I was pumped and ready to test out the course. The weather was rainy the day before, as well as off and on the morning of the race. The course was pretty dry and some parts had some sandy areas.  My oldest brother came out to support me and wanted to see what it was all about too.  The organizers set up lighting around the route but  while riding in some parts of the course it got pretty dark.  I was really glad I packed my Lupine Wilma X Pro to light the way for me.  I opted to wear it mounted on my helmet so what ever way I looked the light revealed what was there.  A fun race and a kick-butt workout.
For those wondering about the 24 Hour race I was to be in, two of the four team members pulled out leaving us unable to continue.  I however have been looking into a 12 Hour race coming up in January 2013.  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Winter is just around the corner, but have not fear.

It's been a long time since my last post and a lot has been going on. To start off with training is in high gear and going great.  Next race is a 24 hour mountain bike race here in Arizona with a team of three others.  The race is around a 10 mile loop, with the winning team doing the most laps in that period of time.  I have been doing a ton of both mountain and road riding with no issues with my IT band for now, which I credit to my rehab work I have done with the RumbleRoller an other exercises.  I plan on entering my first cyclocross race next month to see really what that is all about. Fall is upon us with winter closing in which means less daylight.  I have no fear as I am now using the top rated German made Lupine Wilma X Pro mounted on my helmet.  This awesome 4 LED light throws out an impressive 26 degree light path.  Whether fast road speeds or tricky single track courses, this light is perfect. While being seen by drivers out on the road in early morning and late night rides, seeing where you are going is equally important. Staying clear of pot holes or broken bottles on the side of the road, the Lupine light illuminates everything in my path, making night rides just as enjoyable as those in the daylight.  Finally, I'm glad to see the weather here cooling off.  To tell the truth I have been wearing arm warmers during my rides in the early morning and wearing an undershirt.   In a final note, I'm excited to be protected out on the single track by Crash-Pads, both upper and lower body protection. Wearing the gear I feel more confident and feel more relaxed.  The padded clothing is comfortable and not confining.  The padding is placed in the right spots, while not being bulky like "padding" you think would be.  It's almost November and it's been a great year, now it's time to race to the finish, as I am looking forward to a great 2013, unless the Mayan's were correct.  Look forward to giving some detailed race reports soon.

Friday, September 28, 2012

RumbleRoller to the Rescue

I'll start this post with a riddle. 

 What has 200 thumbs and should never be passed by?  You give up?

 Well its the RumbleRoller and it has seriously changed my recovery routine.  I'm a real believer in "the stick" as it too has helped in my warm-ups and recovery. After giving the RumbleRoller a spin I was able to dig deep into the muscle tissue into my nagging IT - Band with my body weight. I have been pain free from an injury from last winter.....finally.  I must say, my masseuse does not know I have been cheating on her.  And if she found out she wouldn't want to see me anymore.  All I can say is, Dang, she is going to miss me. I have found something much better than any massage therapist could do.  I have started using the RumbleRoller, and holy cow, it is AWESOME.  Sure, I still use "The Stick", but for treating my IT Band troubles, the RumbleRoller is just what the doctor ordered.  I have used it on my lower body (hamstrings, calves and quads). Working it on my upper and lower back feels great, although those with back issues may find it uncomfortable.  So what is the RumbleRoller? It a type of foam roller with little knobs, which act like thumbs of a massage therapist, but better.  The roller comes in two types of densities which is indicated by the color, blue or black.  It's also is made in two different sizes for those wanting to possibly use it to travel with. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Off the road and on the trail

Saturday morning I hit the trails instead of the road.  I rode in McDowell Mountain Regional Park, just north of Fountain Hills here in AZ.  It has been awhile since I rode my mountain bike.  I had it set up with slicks using it on my rollers for indoor workouts at home.  I put some new rubber on the rims and set out on the 10.1 mile outer loop.  In early November, I have been asked to be the fourth member of a team which will ride the course for 24 hours, always having one of our riders on the trail.  The loop was a great workout I did with two other guys that morning.  It really opened my eyes to what mountain bike riding is again.  Always changing gears and using the brakes.  Having to stay totally focused on the terrain and trying to be predictive of whats around the next turn.  The trail is very nice. Cacti, trees, and jagged rocks are all part of the sometimes narrow trail.  I have a lot  to learn on the trail before race day.  It will be a lot of fun.  So with my mountain bike training on the one weekend day, it still leaves the other for road riding by myself or with a group.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Great ride with a new group

Last weekend I rode with a new cycling shop group of about 35 riders.  The riders were of all ages and levels, and I was just looking to get some quality miles in riding along with a group.  It was a great workout and met some nice folks.  The ride started out a little slow, but that was perfect. I rode to the shop as they left from there.  Cooler weather has moved into Arizona making the ride more fun. The rain we have been having has moved a lot of debris and sand into the bike lanes around town, so I expected to get a flat.  I rode with no issues.  I had ridden the roads on the course before so I knew the inclines we would come across.  The group stopped a few times to regroup.  I am looking to ride with this group again.  After doing their course and adding some of my own miles on, I ended up just shy of 45.5 miles on the day.  I felt great in the saddle and the rehab I have been doing on my IT Band has helped. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

On the road to recovery with my IT Band

On the road to recovery. My hip and IT band have not felt this good since last December. I attended a clinic at a local bike shop to learn how to treat my issue. A small clinic in which I was the only one in attendance. They had me get on a massage table and had me move my leg in different positions to help figure out where exactly the pain was and what was causing it. While I moved my leg, a physical therapist applied pressure to an area causing some high intense pain. After a few minutes of the therapists work, I stood up , walked around and was quickly feeling better already. They want to treat me in there office a few more times.  I have been doing some intense painful stretching before and after my workouts and icing my hip afterwords.  I might need to follow up on the appointments to make sure the pain goes away for good. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hot workouts in the heat.

Last week I pretty much moved my workouts indoors on the rollers.  With night time low temperatures not really dipping below 90 degrees, any kind of outdoor activity has been rough.  Set of the rollers and a small fan in front of them to keep some kind of airflow going around me.  I was able to beat the sun rising and start a morning ride Saturday at 5:30 am.  I only got in about 40 miles before running low on fluids.  I felt very strong on the bike and before heading out made a small comfort adjustment on my saddle height.  My training has me keeping my heart rate right near 80% of my maximum heart rate, using the Miowatch Quest, the readout and alarm on the watch keep me in check.
I started doing some rehab work on my IT band on my right leg, and look to attend a free clinic at a local bike shop to help me speed up the rehab and get my right hip feeling better after long rides and runs.  Just the exercises I have started doing are starting to help and I am looking forward to what will learn at the clinic.  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First outdoor run in a long time

 The weather here in Arizona has been hot so it has kept me indoors on the treadmill.  I was able to get a short run in last night outdoors along a canal route I have ran numerous times while training.  Perfect way to end the day.  It was a little warm but well worth it. 
I have started to look ahead at upcoming marathons and half-marathons this winter along with some longer bike races too. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bouncing back from a brief vacation

I took a few weeks off for the yearly summer family vacation, but now back to training.  Before the break I was having a great time on my weekend longer rides.  Even with getting a flat as few weeks back, I was able to get rid of the tire pump and speed my repair up faster with the use of using a Co2 cartridge.  Incredible speed, I can't believe I never upgraded until this past spring.  My hip still is bothering me from a spill on the trainer (rollers) in January. I can really feel the pain two days after a long ride and seems to be bothered by my running.  With the summer heat here, and forcing me indoors at times to ride the rollers, I have placed a industrial type blower to help cool me off.  Works pretty well.  I am looking forward to this weekends longer ride and will start to incorporate a short run (1 to 3 miles) in afterword.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Support growing on for the Alpha

It's been amazing to see the amount of support and interest being shown over the past week for Liz Dickinson's Alpha, chest strapless heart rate monitor watch. As of this blog post, 652 supporters can't wait to get their hands on it, but really not "on it", as you will see why.  You see, Dickinson's company, MIO,  created the first heart rate watch to provide heart rate without a chest strap.  Heart rate readout was achieved by using fingers touching sensors on the face of the watch to get a reading. The Alpha is a watch that displays continuous heart rate without finger sensors and without a chest strap that is accurate even at performance running speeds. 
The watch features an LED light, lighting up blue, green or red, letting the user know if their heart rate while working out is too low, too high or right in their zone, all without wearing a chest strap I might add again.  
Dickinson is using to launch the product.

Want to know more or back the project?  Follow the link above. The project is fully funded and has another 33 days on the site to gain more support.  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Training update, mainly on the bike for now

Long ride Saturday morning did not start very well.  Within the first mile, I must of ran over something with my back tire. About a 6 minute fix and I was back on the road.  I had planned on meeting up with some riders from a local bike shop, but with the downtime with the flat, I figured I would be out on my own, which I would have been happy with. After about riding 10 miles solo, I met up with the back end of the group ride. I really had no intention of staying with or following their ride, now that I had been out on my own.  I threw in some hills to my ride and finished up early before the heat really kicked in.  I  leave my house on my rides knowing which ever way I head out I can head to a hilly area, a slow incline (a negative flat) or just plain flat smooth riding.  I planned on venturing to the river bottom again, so on the way back is a great just under 3 mile hill climb.  My weekday rides have been held closer to home or at home on the set of rollers. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

50 mile training ride

Last Saturday morning I joined the tri group for a 50 mile training ride.  Not sure I would be able to hang on, I was stoked about getting in some good miles.  The route was planned but no course set in stone.   Met up with them at 5:30 to get much of the ride in before the heat arrived.  There was 9 of us out there, and the first 12 miles or so the pace was pretty fast. The pace slowed down after a member flatted, and we  were able to regroup.  I just sat near the back of the group and focused on my hydration and my nutrition so I would be able to finish the ride strong.  33 miles of the ride were on pretty flat roads or very little incline.  Near the end of the ride we headed down the backside of Usery Pass down to the river bottom.   At the river bottom we turned around and climbed back up the backside and back to where we started.  I was glad I brought my three bottles, two insulated bottles with frozen electrolyte fluid (perfect)  in them and the other with just plain water.  I mainly used the plain water to drink after eating a gel, to get it in my stomach and then also used the water to spray on my Recofit Icefil cooling sleeves.  The ride ended just before the heat of the day started to rise.  Getting back on the trainer at home every night this week and looking forward to another group ride next weekend.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Training is moving along

I am looking forward to this weekend to get in a few longer road rides. I have been stuck indoors this past week on my rollers. I was able to attach a resistance unit to my rollers. It has really improved my training. Before I was stuck in the highest gear to get the best heart rate workout, and now with the tension on the back wheel more I can use more of my gears on my bike. I will get more into the roller resistance unit in my next post. I have kept my hydration up and started again on the light weight/ resistance band workouts also.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The heat is here.

Wow the summer heat is here. I have had to increase my fluid intake to keep from getting dehydrated. Workouts have been moved to as early as possible with the sun rising at about 5:15am. The more I can get done before the sun rises to high, the better.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Take a little survey

Here is where I need help with my blog. Tell me a little about yourself by taking the survey below. Thank you and happy training!
Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Eased up on the training now looking to....

Eased up on the training now looking to move full speed ahead.   Its been awhile since I last posted.  I have been pretty busy though.  With the holiday weekend upon us I am looking at getting some good quality rides in and look to follow them with a quick run.  Still making race plans for the early fall and winter.  A few triathlons and marathons a peaking my interest, but I have yet to sign up for them.  I am creating a survey and I am hoping readers and visitors of my blog will take part.  Look for it in the next week, so check back and participate.  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SOLE Sport Flips

So here is the low down on the SOLE Sport Flips.  Other sandals or flip flops may be comfortable for the first 20 minutes or so of wearing, but the SOLE Sport Flips are just what your feet and body are craving for.  I have enjoyed these arch supportive flip flops after long training rides or runs.  They contour to your foot, normally after wearing them for a few days. With the arch support and the contoured foot bed, you'll be walking around this summer in comfort.  I really like them after my feet have been cramped up in cycling shoes or just getting more air to my feet after running. Because the SOLE Sport Flips are molded then to your feet, don't let others wear them.  The contour of the foot bed can help alleviate pain from plantar fasciitis.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Working Towards Being Better Than Average

Well, lets just say I am working on a goal of increasing my speed by increasing my average speed.  To increase the intensity of my workouts, I have begun to look at increasing my average speed whether running or cycling.  After looking at the data my @MioWatch Quest with GPS collects, I have noticed my speed is great at the beginning of a workout, which it should.  I want to try and keep my speed and consistency up. Of course the majority of my cycling workouts are out on the road with stoplights and traffic, so with those I will need to get up to speed as soon as possible to help increase my average speed on the bike.  Not sure how this will workout, but I am up for the challenge and the change.

Monday, April 16, 2012

El Tour de Mesa RACE REPORT

El Tour de Mesa race report.

My day started out at 4:15AM with the alarm going off. Needed to get to downtown Mesa for the 6:15AM start. This is the closest start to my home in a long time. The weather was a cool 55 degrees outside when I loaded my bike on my car to drive to the start line. There was rain the night before and the clouds were still hanging around which they pretty much would all morning long. Ate my normal energy bar and water while driving to the start. As I parked and got out of my car and took my bike off the rack, started to stretch a little and put my arm warmers and shoes on. I ended up wearing two tech shirts ( both very thin) under my jersey. I was happy I did as the temperature only got to be 66 degrees.
The race started right on time and I was able to save some energy the first 30 or so miles drafting in small groups. The wind was crazy and really there was only a tail wind the first 20 or so miles before gusty headwinds started to slow my time down. One of the groups I was traveling someone out in front yelled a warning riders for a wreck ahead and to use caution. The rider in front of me over reacted and went out of control, swerving and eventually going down pretty hard off to my right. The only thing I seen as I glanced to the side was wheels and water bottles go flying as he tumbled. There were a few other wrecks out on the course but non as close as this to hitting me. I was drinking enough water and taking my gels as needed to keep my energy up. There were aid stations stocked with water, bananas, pretzels and cookies, but non of this is what I needed or trained with so there was no need to stop. I packed a lot of nutrition in my Fuel Belt carrier on my bike. There were two hill climbs that were long and I just worked on keeping my form and staying focused on using my energy wisely. The descends from the hill climbs, which there were two of, were fast but could have been faster if not being hindered by the heavy headwinds. Still I tried to make up some time lost on the climbs by descending swiftly. I kept a close eye on my stop watch trying to cross the finish line before my projected time of under 4 hours. The last 10 miles where the toughest. A very strong head wind was killing me and I tried to draft off riders as I came up on them. I tried to work with small groups (3 to 4 riders) but was unable to keep with there pace. I was glad to see the finish line and finished in 4 hours 9 minutes. This was 9 minutes over my projected goal time of 4 hours. I am still happy with my time. The winds that day were not in my favor. It was a great ride and great course. I would recommend this ride to anyone. A couple days off and then back to training.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A look ahead at race day

In looking at the weather forecast, it is looking like a 30% chance of thunderstorms.  Not the best weather to ride in but knowing will help plan what I wear.
After last weekend long ride I know finishing in under 4 hours is my goal.  There are some steep climbs but great down hills to pick up speed and time.  I have my nutrition plan down and am started to get excited. Should be a fun fast race.
Last Saturday I thought I was going to freeze and could not wait for the sun to break through the clouds.  A few easy rides this week on the rollers and out on the road are on the schedule leading up to race day.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream

While out riding the use of a chamois cream will keep you comfortable. I have been using Udderly Smooth foot cream for ever it seems like.
Now, I use Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream for use on the nether regions as a lubricant for long and short rides. Depending also the length of an indoor roller workout, I will apply it then too. The cream is used to prevent chafing and irritation sometimes created by sweat.
If your bicycle is set up correctly, and you've got a good saddle and sitting on the saddle properly ... you'll greatly reduce the chances of saddle sores.
Chamois cream was originally created for cycling shorts pads were made of real chamois. After washing over and over the chamois would dry out and become stiff over time similar to leather. The cream was used to recondition the chamois. There is talk out there that says the cream is totally unneeded with modern synthetic chamois.
Lube up directly on the skin with Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream and protect your under carriage. When putting in all those training miles your butt will thank you. 

Order your own at

Monday, April 2, 2012

So my first ride of the weekend was great.  Did 20 miles out by myself and met up with the tri group to hit another 18.  The weather was perfect.  A little chill to the air first out. The ride was fairly flat with a few rolling hills.  The second was a quick ride on the rollers, nothing special there.  Next weekend I plan to hit both weekend days with some long rides.  My recovery time is still pretty fast, yet was still bothered by a little hip pain.  Two bottles on the bike were enough and with the temperatures rising next weekend might need to bring an extra water bottle.  Feeling very good about El Tour de Mesa ride in a few weeks.

Friday, March 30, 2012

A little over two weeks away from race day

The weather has really become nice here in Arizona, as well as my allergies have become really bothersome.  Still getting my workouts and not letting them get in the way, for now. Sunday I took a great nearly 25 mile training ride late in the day.  A perfect way to end the weekend. The feel on the road was nice. I am still really impressed on how using the rollers has improved my form.
Next weekends plans are to head out to some hills to work on some climbing.
So onto a quick tech tip,
The ProGold degreaser and bike wash works awesome.  Spray a little on and let it do its magic.  For those who dont have a set of cleaning brushes, here is a trick I have been using to clean hard to reach areas.  Get a rope! Yes a rope.  Slip the rope around the area you cant quite get a towel into and run it back and forth to loosen or wipe the dirt or heavy grime away.  Works great around your rear gear cassette. A clean bike is a bike that is easier to maintain and your parts will last you longer.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tour de Mesa, next race on the schedule

So Saturday April 14, is my next race.  The El Tour de Mesa has a few distances, in which I will be doing the farthest distance of 70 miles. My training is coming along both on the rollers indoors and out on the road. 
I have really noticed a huge difference in when I wear a cotton t-shirt indoors on the rollers.  The heat is really kept in.  I am looking at placing a small fan out in front of the rollers to help cool me down a little. I've been getting some great workouts in with my Miowatch Quest, a GPS watch with heart rate monitor. I have the GPS turned off and just using the heart rate monitor function.  My workouts have moved from three weeks ago in Zone 3 to now Zone 2, 45 minute workouts.
The El Tour de Mesa is a new race for me and I look to have some fun.  Bib numbers have been issued online and I am #297, if your out there before the race or on the course say "hi".  

Sunday, March 11, 2012

SOLE footbeds

**********UPDATE: April 2015**************
If you reading this, drop me an e-mail (timhakr as to why you are interested in footbeds and what brought you here to this page.  Are you looking for comfort while running or cycling? Do you suffer from foot pain?

This blog post is from March 2012

SOLE footbeds are quick and easy to mold to your custom foot shape. They come with easy to follow instructions. SOLE footbeds are used to help with muscles on the bottom of your feet to avoid pain in the Plantar Fascia.  SOLE also makes sandals and flip-flops that are custom fit to your foots bottom profile.  

My walking shoe size and cycling shoe size are 13, while my running shoes I buy size larger 14, to avoid troubles with my toe nails. When preparing my footbeds, I used the insole inside my cycling shoe to match the SOLE footbed for size and cut them to fit.  For my running shoes the SOLE footbeds came in my running shoe size. Also with the seven different types of footbeds, SOLE offers just what you are looking for. 
Not know what SOLE footbed would be suit you? There is an easy questionnaire on their website , answer some questions about your arches in your feet what type of activity will you be wearing the footbeds for and the site lets you know what would work best for your situation.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New rubber for the road

New rubber on the ride.  I slapped on a pair of Michelin XCR road tires on my mountain bike for my indoor training rides on my rollers.  These tires are slick and are really nice. With the weather and more rides outside I will be switching these out for a pair of knobby Michelin tires soon. I also look forward to bringing these out on the road and testing them on the asphalt and how they feel cornering.

Monday, February 27, 2012

What does not kill you makes you stronger

What does not kill you makes you stronger. This is very true.  Over the past month and a half, I have been pretty much riding my rollers at home.  Inside the house or outside in the driveway while I watch my kids play outside. 
I went out on the road for a ride on Saturday afternoon, a quick out 7 miles and back 7 miles.  I can definitely say that working out on the rollers has helped me in many ways.
The rollers, like a treadmill, might be boring, but with them I have been able to improve my strength on form on the bike.
I have the bike set up on the rollers with my Miowatch Quest, a GPS enabled heart rate monitor, which while riding I have placed on the handlebars. I have the alarm set on the watch to help tell me when I am in my training zone I need to be in.
I could feel my form on the bike was more efficient, even though it was only a short 14 mile ride. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Lazer Tardiz

The Lazer Tardiz is an impressive helmet all around. The aerodynamic helmet has some great features built into it.  The fit is very nice and easy to slip on.  With it's Rollsys a wheel on the top of the helmet can adjust the size easily and comfortably.  Adjustments can be made while riding. The air channels at the front of the helmet allow for great airflow.  Aerodynamic helmets can often be hot without proper air flow.  To help with keeping cool, the Tardiz has an Aquavent at the top of the helmet too. This is a great feature, and one I have used a lot living in Arizona. The Aquavent work along with the Perfopad to help distribute the water all over the the top of the head and not in just one spot. The buckle is magnetic and goes together really easy.  It takes a little getting used to when removing, but is a great feature of this helmet.  The weight of the helmet is about 395g.  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New tunes to keep me moving

 So hear it is, pun intended.  Whether I am running, riding the rollers or swimming wearing my H2O Audio set up I will be listening to some great tunes. The playlist is almost 50 minutes long and consists of
  • Headlines                      Drake  
  • Brighter Than the Sun  Colbie Caillat   
  • Ass Back Home      Gym Class Heroes  
  • Blackout                   Breathe Carolina   
  • I Like It Like That    Hot Chelle Rae   
  • Ni**as in Paris          Kanye West & JAY Z   
  • Turn Me On               David Guetta & Nicki Minaj   
  • International Love      Pitbull   
  • Right Above It           Lil Wayne & Drake  
  • What's My Name?    Rihanna & Drake   
  • Not Afraid                Eminem              
  • Rhythm of Love       Plain White T's
  • 4 Minutes                  Madonna               
  • Crushcrushcrush       Paramore              

With the shuffle option on the iPod the order will never get old.
I tried looking at old CD's, yes I said CD's I purchased over the past 15 or so years but nothing seemed to keep my interest or sound good.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

ProGold Lubricants and cleaning products

 So lets face it, you spend enough money on good bike equipment (chains, gears, carbon frames) so why not use the best stuff out there to keep it working properly and looking great. Prolink Chain Lube is a thin lube reduces friction for smooth shifting and quiet chain operation. The lube does not build up or become sticky while shedding dirt and mud. The Prolink Chain Lube I find great on lubricating cables with their Luber Pens for precise applications. Find yourself out on dusty or muddy mountain bike trails or putting in a lot of miles, then you need to use Xtreme Chain Lube.  I use this on both my road and mountain bikes.  It bonds to metal surfaces and also does not build up or become sticky and also sheds water.  After getting your dirty from all the miles out on the road or on the trails ProGold's Bike Wash is great for cleaning your frame, spokes, and components. It is safe for carbon frames too.  Find yourself with your bike just a little more dirty in between uses with the Bike Wash. I use the Degreaser+Wash to work on getting that extra grime off  just a little easier.  When your all done fixing and lubing your ride, ProGold has Pro Towels, an 8"X12" dual textured disposable towel is your answer to clean up your hands and get out on the road faster. The lightly scented towels, come in canister with 90 of them inside. Keep your ride clean and lubed properly.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

RecoFit Compression sleeves

I am very impressed with an would highly recommend RecoFit Compression sleeves for both your calves and arms.  Let me begin with the calf sleeve.  I trained with and used them during the second half of last season.  They helped my legs during training keep up with the numerous running miles I was putting in.  I was super impressed with how I was able to wear them under my wetsuit on race day and they stayed in place and caused no issues during the swim or bike segments.  Each calf sleeve is marked either right or left leg as they are leg specific for the proper fit.  Next on to the arm sleeves with Icefil fabric.  On race day the temperature was in the high 90's with the sun out in full force, I was glad I had these on.  For one to block the sun, not putting any sunscreen on and second was the feeling when they were wet, each one was it's own evaporative cooler. They have a 50-plus UV protection factor and are white. The elastic on both ends kept them in place and didn't have to worry about them slipping up or down.
To help my recovery after the race I wore the calf sleeves around under my clothes for a few days afterword to help with circulation.  Of course I washed them and hung them to dry before doing so. If you are in the market for compression gear RecoFit will not let you down.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sportique active body skin care

All these products can be used at anytime, before, during or after working out.  No one is going to kick you off the course for wearing an after work out cream before a workout.  Sportique creams work, and the smell is very pleasant with natural oils and herbs.
1 Get Going Cream -  This cream warms your muscles ever so slightly, with a great scent to get your mind into your workout.
2 Warming Up Cream  - This cream is exactly like the name says, it packs some very stimulating heat.
3 Cooling Cream - This cream is recommended for after working out to soothe tired muscles, has an up lifting minty smell.
4 Joint & Muscle Gel - This cream helps relax those muscles over worked.  I have used this on my neck and back to help relieve head ache pain.
5 Warming Up Oil -  I compare this a lot to the Warming Up Cream, but in oil form.
6 Body Deodorant - This uni-sex deodorant is a must for the work out bag after a shower at the gym.  It's a spray and goes on fast.
7 Foot Powder - Your family will love you and your shoes will last a little longer after shaking some power in them after working out.  The powder is deodorizing and antifungal.
8 Lipguard/ UV Lip Protection - With the harsh sun of Arizona lip protection it's a must.  It has an SPF of 30 and can be applied to the lips and nose and used as often as needed.
9 Road Rash Remedy- Disinfecting Balm - Helps cuts and scrapes heal.  I have used this on scrapes and cuts from razors.

All these products and others made by Sportique have the athlete or those living an active lifestyle in mind.  Made from natural ingredients and great stimulating scents.

**For those who are looking for products where the final products are not tested on animals these are them.  Unless you consider yourself an animal out on the course.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Swiftwick Socks put to the test

I have worn and tested three pairs of Swiftwick socks over the past two months, training (running and cycling) and here are my findings.  First of all, they are all great socks and are all antimicrobial.  To break it down,  here are the socks that were part of my test.  I wore them all equally.

Up first was the Performance "The Four"  (blue writing on package) -  Very light and well ventilated great compression.  This sock uses olefin an impressive fabric for wicking sweat away.
Next up was the Aspire "The Twelve"  (red writing on package) -  These were similar to the Performance in the ventilation and compression, however with these being "The Twelve"s they offered and delivered support about to my mid calf.  I only wore them while working out, but these would be great recovery socks too with the nice compression, also uses olefin an impressive fabric for wicking sweat away. 
The last of the three was the Pursuit "The Four" (green writing on package) - I need to explain first off that these were my favorite. They are made with merino wool which has great wicking properties. Unlike regular wool, merino wool is not itchy like one would think wool is,  and helps regulate temperature. Like the others, the Pursuit provided great compression support throughout.  They offered a little more cushion along the bottom of the foot but not to much to make them thick and bulky.
All three socks performed perfectly, no slipping or gathering and offered great compression and breatheablity.  The socks can be rolled down or cuffed if the wearer does not like to pull them all the way up. The conform to your foot giving support all around.
I look forward to wearing the Pursuit with merino wool this summer on some of the hotter rides and seeing how it performs then. The moisture wicking compression socks are made in the USA and offer the wearer a guarantee to perform to your satisfaction.