Thursday, October 25, 2012

Winter is just around the corner, but have not fear.

It's been a long time since my last post and a lot has been going on. To start off with training is in high gear and going great.  Next race is a 24 hour mountain bike race here in Arizona with a team of three others.  The race is around a 10 mile loop, with the winning team doing the most laps in that period of time.  I have been doing a ton of both mountain and road riding with no issues with my IT band for now, which I credit to my rehab work I have done with the RumbleRoller an other exercises.  I plan on entering my first cyclocross race next month to see really what that is all about. Fall is upon us with winter closing in which means less daylight.  I have no fear as I am now using the top rated German made Lupine Wilma X Pro mounted on my helmet.  This awesome 4 LED light throws out an impressive 26 degree light path.  Whether fast road speeds or tricky single track courses, this light is perfect. While being seen by drivers out on the road in early morning and late night rides, seeing where you are going is equally important. Staying clear of pot holes or broken bottles on the side of the road, the Lupine light illuminates everything in my path, making night rides just as enjoyable as those in the daylight.  Finally, I'm glad to see the weather here cooling off.  To tell the truth I have been wearing arm warmers during my rides in the early morning and wearing an undershirt.   In a final note, I'm excited to be protected out on the single track by Crash-Pads, both upper and lower body protection. Wearing the gear I feel more confident and feel more relaxed.  The padded clothing is comfortable and not confining.  The padding is placed in the right spots, while not being bulky like "padding" you think would be.  It's almost November and it's been a great year, now it's time to race to the finish, as I am looking forward to a great 2013, unless the Mayan's were correct.  Look forward to giving some detailed race reports soon.