Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mio Quest

**********2015 UPDATE to this POST************

This device is not longer in production

I can tell you this, if you want to take your outdoor workouts to the next level, the Mio Quest is the way to do it. I have been using the GPS enabled watch for the past three weeks. It takes a little getting used to, but after looking over the instructions you will on your way, and out the door in no time. The Quest has Waypoints, which are locations you can save. After saving the location you can then rename it for easy access for locations you wish to return to later. The watch uses chest strap to gather your heart rate too.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My BioAge is.......

Using the Fitstik I sat down this evening and performed a very easy and simple test wearing a heart rate strap. This test was done in under a minute and found out that my BioAge is 41, adding 2 years to my real age. I am hoping the training I am doing and stress reducing techniques will help bring this number down to my real or shooting downward even past it. A very cool test and just one of three that can be performed with the Fitstik. The other two tests I will take, in the next two days will be the HealthMeter and CardioCapacity tests.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trail runs planned

I have been wanting to get out and hit the trails for awhile and this weekend is looking pretty good. My shoes are really trail ready, but it will beat the pavement. A local regional park is not to far from my house. When I was preparing for my first marathon back in 2007 I hit this park every weekend for my long runs with friends. It will be different to see how the trails have held up.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

45 mile training ride, great weather

Today I was able to get out and give a "first test" on the Mio Quest Heart Rate monitor with GPS. The 45 mile ride was done with a friend, so I was not really focused on keeping my heart rate in a certain zone, nor did I really keep track of my speed. What I did do is ride a bunch of hills in the area. I am looking forward to many more training runs and rides with the Quest after uploading its info to look over.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mio Energy Pro= Awesome Training Tool

So for the past almost month now I have been using the Mio Energy Pro during my training. The heart rate monitor is not recommended for the pool which is not a problem. Really how many people are stopping to monitor there heart rate while swimming. I am mainly concerned with my training on the bike and run, training in a zone that will be used in my up coming races. I have set the "beep" on my watch to warn me if I am out of my zone while training. I have been working out in Zone 4 which will be my goal to keep in a race. I am fighting some chest congestion but with the warmer weather coming back to Arizona, I look forward to getting out in the fresh air for better training.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Awesome bike spin

Tonight I completed a 50 min bike spin in Zone 4 or higher. The Mio Energy Pro heart rate monitor I use lets you know the time I spent in the zone I programmed it and below and above that zone. I averaged a heart rate of 145 BPM with 45 min being in my target zone which my training has me doing. For about 5 minutes I let the heart rate get a little higher going out of my Zone 4.

When I talk about Zones, there are 5 of them which are

Healthy Heart Zone -- 50-60% HRM
Fitness Zone (Fat Burning) 60-70% HRM
Aerobic Zone (Endurance Training) 70-80% HRM
Anaerobic Zone (Performance Training 80-90% HRM
Red Line (Max Effort) 90-100% HRM

Aerobic Zone will improve cardio function and increase the size and strength of the heart 50% of the calories burned come from fat.
Anaerobic Zone will improve VO2max. You will be able to fight fatigue better. 15% calories burned are from fat.