Monday, November 30, 2020

Join in on this Cyber Monday deal you can't pass up

Alpha Performance Inserts is Veteran owned and the product is American made.  

Jump in on this deal I can offer you.  Use the code "HACK30" and get 30% off your purchase. 
When you order from their website Alpha Performance Inserts, use the promo code when checking out. 
I have used these inserts in my daily walking shoes, my road running shoes along with my trail running shoes. They swap out easily, or if you don't want to do that, get yourself two pairs. 
I have also worn them in my cycling and mountain bike shoes. They feel amazing inside the show while pedaling. 
More on the insert. 
The shoe insert was made to reduce injuries and strengthen your feet. 
I initially tested and used them three weeks in every situation I could throw at them.  
After wearing them I could feel myself on the way to recovering from a terrible situation with Plantar Fasciitis. 
The ALPHA shoe inserts have made a difference. I am able to walk, hike and run with no pain during or the next day. In the first two weeks of testing the inserts I logged just over 24 miles on a treadmill. 

The ALPHA inserts come in many sizes, so check the web site for your shoe/foot size. They also are available in four different colors. Orange, grey, blue and black.  I chose orange, so a quick glance down at my shoes before putting them on, seeing and knowing with the bright orange color they are inside the shoe. 

Here is the update my video and blog. 

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Thursday, September 17, 2020

The season just got started

 My son's NICA junior high mountain bike club had three skills sessions and their first ride on the desert trails.  I took all the coaching required online classes and passed everything. We were notified at the beginning of the next trail practice that the official season was canceled. As a group we have decided to keep practices going, twice a week along with weekend travel destination courses around the state. 

I am excited to still get to explore the state and the different trails we can travel to. 

What apps on your phone do you use to look for potential trails to ride? 

I have been using Trail Forks and All Trails, and they seem to be pretty good. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Finished, Wine Country Challenge

 DONE!  I finished up the Wine Country Challenge a few weeks back.  I am just now getting around to writing about it.  A great virtual challenge consisting of 120 miles, I did on mountain bike. 

The weather has been cooling of more in the mornings, making it easier to ride a little longer. I am excited for the cooler weather moving in. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Orange Mud Gear Vest Pro

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Nutrition and hydration are key to any outdoor activity. 

The Orange Mud Gear Vest Pro hydration pack. This pack is great for runners, hikers, or anyone wanting to bring hydration with them using a bladder type system. Easy to use and expandable use of collapsable flasks up front in chest pockets allow this 1 Liter bladder pack to potentially hold 68 to 74 total ounces.  There are pouches on the shoulders for holding nutrition. A small key hook on the inside of the zippered pouch can be used to clip your keys on. 

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The Orange Mud HydraQuiver Bottle Hydration Pack


Nutrition and hydration are key to any outdoor activity.
The Orange Mud HydraQuiver hydration pack. This pack is great for runners, hikers, or anyone wanting to bring hydration with them yet not hold a bottle in their hand while doing so. There are pouches on the shoulders for holding nutrition. A small key hook on the inside of the zippered pouch can be used to clip your keys on.
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Thursday, August 6, 2020

New challenge starts next week

Next Monday, the 10th of August starts my next virtual challenge I have signed up for. 

This challenge runs of almost two months. I have signed up for the 120 mile distance. I figured it would keep me active and keep my miles counting towards something besides training and fitness. 

Sign up if you would like to join. Use this link

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Replacing my SRAM SX rear derailleur and NX cassette

Over the past month, warranty repairs are finally done. 

Top - replacement SX 12 gear derailleur
Bottom - Non working spring back derailleur 

So my issues all started when I was riding with some friends. About six miles into our mountain bike ride, as I was pedaling, my chain dropped.  I stopped to put is back on the front chain ring but noticed the one jockey wheel on my derailleur came off.  I was able to find the parts along the trail I was on and thankfully repair the part that came off. 

When I got home, I looked over the derailleur really good and made some adjustments on it.  However, this time the chain would climb up the cassette but not return back down.  After working with it for some time, I was able to start of the process of getting a new replacement one under warranty.  The process was pretty fast, but not fast enough, as I had to do my July 4th, 20 mile trail challenge with limited gears with the new derailleur arriving the weekend after. An update I am loving about the replacement derailleur is the limit adjustment screws are now allen key screws, replacing the Phillips head limit screws. 

older SX 12 gear derailleur with Phillips head limit screws

NEWER SX 12 gear derailleur with allen key head limit screws

After getting the new derailleur attached and adjusted and working great, my chain, which is under two months old, was skipping around and having a hard time on the third to biggest cassette cog.  One tooth was missing on that particular cog.  Knowing that this part too was under warranty, I started the process to get it replaced also.  In the meantime needing to keep riding and training, I just had to be aware of when switching gears not to ride in that cog. Over the two weeks while I waited for the replacement part, the cog went from a first grader missing one tooth to a hockey player, now missing a section of the cog which I think should have been three or four teeth! 

New cassette arrived and I was able to place it on the wheel.  All is good for now as I have some challenges and training goals I am looking forward to. 

"Look Ma, I have all my teeth."

In the end, I understand the groupset, I am running is not the highest quality SRAM makes and I am looking at saving up some money to upgrade before too long.  SRAM and the local bike store I have been dealing with have been great.