Thursday, December 6, 2018


Not just a blender, a CleanBlend Blender. 
Check them out at

I've been using this commercial grade, high speed CleanBlend Blender for over a month now. 
The blender is strong and does not lack at all in the power department. 
Using it to blend my protein shakes, bullet proof coffee and smoothies.
You will find yourself surfing the net to find recipes of all kinds.  It is powerful. It has a three horse power motor and a 64 ounce pitcher. 
The six blades are fast and powerful. 

I love how the pitcher has ounces marked along the side, to help you measure liquids being put inside. 

Bullet Proof Coffee Recipe I use

Brew hot coffee, using 8 ounces.  

Using the CleanBlend blender (not a shaker), blend in 1-2 tablespoons unsalted, grass-fed butter.

I then add 1 teaspoon-2 tablespoons of coconut oil.

I also add a small packet of Stevia to add sweetness. 

The center portion of the blenders lid can be removed and replaced with a tamper, to make sure everything gets pushed down near or two the blades, but does not hit the blades. 
This is very helpful when using frozen fruits or leafy greens that are stubborn heading to the blades. 
I also used it to blend a waffle batter mixture for my son's breakfast. I used the tamper to keep the batter moving in the pitcher. 

There is an all fruit smoothie, I have tried before and it’s pretty good. Now with the clean blender you can make your own and keep money in your own pocket. Full of vitamin C to help support your immune system

simply use 

12 strawberries

1 banana 

the recipe calls for 3/4 cup of pear, but I’ll go ahead and just use the whole thing

and 1 apple, I like the taste of Pink Lady apples, so there you go. 

At times I like to make other smoothies. Instead of searching the internet or other apps, there is a recipe on the side of a certain brand of smoothies. They show what's inside their product. Use their recipe on the side and make it your own by adding or omitting what you like or don't like. 

Monday, December 3, 2018

The Gorilla Bow in action

The Gorilla Bow is honestly the easiest at home gym you will need. 
Easy to switch bands very quickly and get one with your workout. 

Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Gorilla Bow

The bar, or bow is made from aircraft aluminum.  It is a thick bar heavy duty, about four and a half feet long. The ends are where you will attach the bands. There are two cut-outs on each end. You can install up to six bands of various resistances at one time. The Gorilla Bow band kit comes with bands to get nearly 110 lbs. in resistance. 

 1 x 45 lbs., is the BLACK colored band

1 x 32 lbs., is the BLUE colored band

1 x 20 lbs., is the RED colored band

 1 x 10 lbs., is the YELLOW colored band

You can use the provided band wrap to secure the bands at the bottom, if using more than one. The bands are made of 100% latex and can be stored in the carrying case. 
A few exercises I am using with the Gorilla Bow are the, bench press, 
deadlift, bent over row, seated row, upright row, bicep curls and squats. 

There are numerous other exercises you can perform with the bow. 
These bands are very strong. 

*The company sells higher strength resistance bands too, but what is described above is what is included with the kit. 

You can really achieve a full body workout using the portable Gorilla Bow. 

It provides a great at home or anywhere workout. The continuous tension of the resistance bands keeps the muscles constantly under load. 

Sunday, November 25, 2018

New Balance, Hierro, version 3, trail running shoe review

I have been impressed with this trail running shoe from New Balance. I’ve worn these for the past four months. 
They look and feel great. They do however miss being the perfect shoe for me with a few items. 

Yes, they have a great grippy VIBRAM outsole with their “Fresh Foam” mid-sole. Not really sure how long with “Fresh Foam” feel will last. 

The outer sole is not wearing down, even with running on super rough and jagged trails and plenty of road miles wearing them. The color I chose was sweet. The super bright, eye popping Hi-Lite with Black & Bright Cherry. I wear the standard width and a size 14. 

The sold is pretty durable even on the toughest of trails I have run them on. I like how the shoe is  breathable with the small vents on the front of the shoe. it keeps my toes ventilated, yet protected from the trail dirt and dust. 

The shoe fits great, even having a difficult time tying them up as tight as I like them.  They are a little difficult to put on with the “dust stopping” ankle collar. 

After putting them on I have to go back and adjust the ankle collar on the outside near my sock. I wish they were one more set of lace holes near the top, near the ankle collar. Having this extra set of lace holes would help really tighten down some of the slipping my foot does while inside the shoe. I have never suffered from any blisters or toe issues while wearing the shoe. Being a heavier runner, I like the weight and protection of this shoe. 
I can’t wait to see if they produce a version 4, if that’s in the making. I like the shoe even with some of the fitting issues. For any trail runner, I would recommend this shoe. 

New Balance, Hierro, version 3, trail running shoe with me on the 14 mile San Tan Xterra trail run. 

Thursday, November 22, 2018


(NOTE: Check their websites as many are offering BLACK FRIDAY specials)

It's officially after Thanksgiving, so now it's time to shop for your athlete, runner, swimmer, cycling, or mountain biking friends. I have compiled a list of gift giving options that any of them would love to find wrapped as a gift for them. 

Some of these ideas can be a gift themselves or maybe a small stocking stuffer. 

For starters, participate in Small Business Saturday by supporting your local running store. If not to purchase that pair of running shoes they have been wanting, buy them a gift certificate. Let your athlete return after the holidays and pick out their own pair of shoes or favorite running apparel. 


Queen Creek Running Company

KINeSYS sunscreen is a favorite of mine. With an SPF of 30 and water resistant for up to 80 minutes in the sun you can't go wrong. The great smelling, Mango scent, and alcohol and oil free clear spray will help protect anyone enjoying the outdoors hiking, fishing, training or just relaxing by the pool. 

Keep them on track with the Suunto Spartan WHR. This sweet GPS with optical heart rate monitor will gather workout data that can later be looked at and tracked.

The Orange Mud Hydra Quiver is perfect for keeping anyone hydrated out hiking or running. This great hydration pack can hold more than just a bottle, it can hold numerous items including gels, nutrition, cellphone, keys and much more. Check out their site for other hydration carrying options. 


Maybe another pack from Orange Mud might be a better fit. With the bumps and dips along the mountain bike trail, maybe a two liter bladder holding Endurance Pack (version 2.0). There is 4 liters of cargo space. 
It's perfect for running or mountain biking. There is plenty of room for nutrition and large pockets up front for cell phones, nutrition or adding more hydration options.  
The pack high on your back and stays put, after proper adjustment. Not sloshing around like a backpack while riding a mountain bike. 
It comes with the 2 liter HydraPak with drinking hose.  

Or maybe Orange Mud's transition wrap! This too is on their website.  Perfect for bringing to the pool and using to dry off. The newest version 2.0, of this is now softer than ever. Pick your athletes favorite color out of the ten they produce the transition wrap in. 
Use it to protect your car seat inside your vehicle, or even use it to wrap around yourself to quickly change out of wet swim trunks, without fear of getting a ticket for indecent exposure.  

Cat-Ears will keep your cyclist safe by letting them hear others around them while riding. These simply strap onto any helmet's straps, placing them in front of the ear.  Air Streamz by Cat-Ears
are proven and very affective. For winter riding outdoors they also produce a great ear warmer/sound reducing Ear Cover, check them out and order them in a combo pack.

Ear Cover, perfect for winter riding outdoors! 
THESE ARE THE BOMB at keeping your head warm, yet not over heating like a skull cap would in winter riding. They still allow your head to vent your heat. 

Udderly Smooth body and foot cream will keep your runners feet and skin smooth or buy them a jar of Udderly Smooth's Chamois cream to keep them chafe free on long training rides and races.  Check out there full line of products. 


Give them a little squeeze year round with RecoFit's calf compression sleeves. These are great for runner or cyclists. Recovery has never been so easy. 

How about the very innovative See.Sense smart front and/or tail lights.
Keep your athlete safer by getting them these extremely bright and driver noticing cycling lights. 

The See.Sense 2.0, the ICON or mid 2018 the release of


 ACE.  Intelligent 

technology, motion gesture control smart tail lights with

 CREE LED’s provides a 180 degree light pattern. 

Check them out at 


The See.Sense 2.0

 The See.Sense ICON, connect to your smartphone with a blue-tooth app. 

Get Arctic Cool wear for the golfer, runner or any athlete in your friends or family circle. Sure there is the popular crew workout shirt, but they also have polo shirts and tank tops made with the same material and various colors to choose from. Keep them cool during their workouts. I know it may be cold outside, right now where you are, or even snowing, but the summer heat is guaranteed to be back. 

And last but not least, maybe for the runner your shopping for that suffers from plantar fasciitis. The compression cold therapy decreases recovery time for athletes. Use it on your knees, ankles, neck or back.  Help joints recover fast with Frozen Peaz!  Theses can be used or either hot or cold therapy. Simply keep them in your freezer and apply after a tough workout. 

How about keeping their muscles loose and workout tight knots. The better than you typical foam roller, are Rumble Rollers. Check out the Rumble Roller itself or the new Rumble Roller GATOR and even the Rumble Roller BEASTIE.  All sweet products from Rumble Roller. 

and even Olbas essential oil to use as Aromatherapy or massage oil. It works as both. 

The Spruzza 

Keeping your cyclist cool with the Spruzza mist system. Forget dumping water over your head to cool off next summer in the heat.  Simply mist yourself.  It sprays your head, neck and chest to keep you cool while riding. Don't believe me? Check out my blog when I first tried it out. 

So there you have it.  A ton of great gift options for the athlete in your family or your group of friends.