Thursday, July 18, 2019

Contest TIME! Win a six-pack of Science in Sport energy gels

So you’ve seen me talking about these gels for a little bit now and it’s now time for a GIVEAWAY!!!
I’m looking to award two lucky winners a six-pack of @scienceinsport energy gels.  Check out my blog, where I have showcased these, no water needed to consume gels. You can also get a discount on ordering your own for 25% off of your purchase! 

Contest Rules: Like this post and follow both @timhakr and @scienceinsport on Instagram and Twitter. 

Tag your friends in the comments. Tag as many friends as you want, but each tag must be in a separate comment. 
Each comment is a separate entry, so the more people you tag, the better chance you have of winning! Multiple tags in a single comment will not be counted.

The giveaway is for U.S. residents only. 
Giveaway ends this SATURDAY 07/20/19 at midnight. The winners will be notified by DM.  If you win and don't reply after 24 hours, another winner will be chosen.
What are you waiting for? 

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

A recovery breakfast after a hard ride

The last few weeks I have put in 50 miler on the road bike. On average I use about 1,000 an hour. Of course I consume some gels and an energy bar to start the ride. I also drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. 
I put together a quick and easy breakfast when I got home.
Three scrambled eggs, four slices of bacon and an avocado to top it off. Put a little Sriracha sauce on top and I was on my way to recovery. 

What are your go-to meals, food after a good workout? I would be interested in knowing and trying out. 

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Science in Sport gel in use

The past two weekends, I my longer cycling road rides I have used @ScienceinSport and have been very pleased with its results. 
I rarely use an electrolyte drink in one of the two water bottles I use on my bike. I reserve the two bottles on my bike for water and water only. 

So far I have tried out the Apple as well as the Double Espresso that has 150mg of caffeine flavors.
Both I highly recommend. They both taste great and are easy to open their pouches and eat. 

No need to drink water after consuming. Apply code TRYSIS25 for 25% off everything on their website (excluding clearance items). 

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Not so happy with my Cannondale mountain bike

This winter and spring, I have been keeping pretty good tabs on my improvement each week on getting faster times. A few weeks back I had to stop riding my Cannondale Trail 6 mountain bike. When I got home from a typical weekend morning ride at one of my favorite mountain bike trail parks, I set the bike up on the repair stand to wash it for the next days ride. 
I started applying water and soap to my bike like I always do and start with a sponge. Going around and getting the dirt off the rims and where it accumulates on the bike. Rinsed it off and began to towel dry it. That is when I came across a black line on the top tube, at the base of the seat tube.  I took my finger and ran it across it a few times. It happened to be an area where the paint along with the weld was coming apart. I wasn’t too happy. It canceled all my rides for the rest of that weekend.  The bike and frame were only about four years old. 

Wanting to get it checked out and see what the warranty from Cannondale would do. After bringing it to a local Cannondale dealer here in Arizona, they talked with Cannondale to see how to proceed. After getting frame and serial number info, Cannondale responded saying they would honor the warranty and give me a replacement frame, or a discount on another one of their bikes. The newer year model of my frame has changed, so I would need to purchase extra adapters and different wheels for the frame to work. 
I took this past weekend and took all the parts, seat, brakes, front fork, handlebars, etc. off, just leaving the frame to have the local bike shop send back to Cannondale. 
Let’s see what happens. 
For now I am trying to get back running, even with the heat, staying riding using my road bike and doing resistance band workouts. 

Friday, June 28, 2019

Testing out Science in Sport Energy Supplements!

I first sampled the @ScienceinSport during a race earlier this year. I am now testing as part of the @BibRave Pro.  I am testing four different flavors, Apple, Salted Strawberry (w/ electrolytes), Lemon & Mint (w/ electrolytes) and Double Espresso that has 150mg of caffeine. 

No need to drink water after consuming. Apply code TRYSIS25 for 25% off everything on their website (excluding clearance items). #sisbr #bibchat #bibravepro #ScienceinSport 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Letting my foot recover using Frozen Peaz

The plantar fasciitis is still bothering my right foot. I have stopped running, but am continuing with my strength program and have moved to riding more road bike as of late. The riding keeps the pounding off of my foot.
Wearing my OS1 compression sleeves and socks along with using Frozen Peaz to treat the bottom, from heel to toe with cold compression. 

Using Frozen Peaz to treat Plantar Fasciitis using them 20 min on, 20 min on twice a day. 
Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation (RICE)

Frozen Peaz can be used on many placed on the body. Knee, elbow, foot, neck, etc.  Although I am using them here in their cold state, with the Peaz Pod, they can be used with heat as well.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

The SpoxFit Yoga Ball

I have thrown into the mix of stretching and exercise using the SpoxFit Yoga ball with resistance bands. The bands have a resistance of 220 pounds and are comfortable using the handles attached. 
The SpoxFit yoga ball comes complete with plug and foot pump to inflate. I have used a yoga ball for awhile now, but nothing like this with a stability ring, in which the resistance bands attach to. 

The kit of the ball, resistance bands and air pump also comes with a poster showing exercises to do using the setup. 
The ball alone provided a great workout. Using it for wall squats, sit ups and hamstring curls. Add the resistance bands and work more on your upper body. 
This is a great set up for anyone wanting to try different exercises. 

Find it online here and order yours