Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ameo PowerBreather

Ameo PowerBreather

The Ameo PowerBreathera type of snorkel/breathing device that allows you to keep your head down while swimming laps. No need to tilt your head to the side to take a breathe. My first go at wearing the Ameo PowerBreather, swimming snorkel, I was totally blown away at how easy it was to learn and use. The first couple breathes I was bringing in a little water in through my mouth.  After a quick adjustment to the two up tubes, it was working just fine. It might take awhile to get used to breathing in just the mouth and not wanting to bring air in your through your nose. For myself, my normal swimming breathing is, in through the mouth and out the nose as I am under water. The two snorkel tubes run up long each side of the head. It also took a little bit of time to assemble from the case it came it and fit correctly over the head. From the mouthpiece, the side tubes pivot from there. There is an adjustment dial on the back of the unit so it fits perfectly.  

Using this snorkel will allow for time to focus on good stroke and body alignment in the water. It comes disassembled in a carrying case. I had a little bit of the difficult time attaching the pieces together with the vents. I probably will end up just leaving it assembled as it was time consuming to put it together and take it apart after each use. I wish the case would have been bigger then to carry it fully put together. Other traditional snorkels on the market mix Co2, what you are expelling, with fresh air trying to make it down the same tube, allowing you to get oxygen. 

With the Ameo PowerBreather is designed to pull in fresh air w/oxygen, not mixed with exhaling Co2, to enter from the top tubes and the air you expel leaves through a vent on the bottom, close to your mouth. The air is expelled underwater, of course creating bubbles. I have yet to try using it to perform flip turns, but I am super impressed with its design and function.  In my Twitter feed and blog you will see more of this device as I begin to incorporate this to improve me swimming. 

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Ameo PowerBreather

Thursday, November 17, 2016

2016 Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Holiday Gift Giving GUIDE
If you have an athlete, cyclist, triathlete or mountain bike rider on your holiday list and you are having a hard time finding the right gift to give. You have come to the right place. Any or all of these items the person you are shopping for would be excited to get any of these gifts this year. Each item has a direct link to their website for ordering online as well as some have discount coupon codes.  

The Orange Mud Hydra Quiver is perfect for keeping anyone hydrated out hiking or running. This great hydration pack can hold more than just a bottle. It can hold numerous items including gels, nutrition, cellphone, keys and much more. 

Or maybe Orange Mud's transition wrap!

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Cat-Ears will keep your cyclist safe by letting them hear others around them while riding. These simply strap onto any helmet's straps, placing them in front of the ear.  These are not only proven but lab tested and the end result is they are very effective. 

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Udderly Smooth body and foot cream will keep your runners feet and skin smooth. For the cyclists or mountain biker on your list buy them a jar of Udderly Smooth's Chamois cream to keep them chafe free on long training rides and races.  Believe me they will appreciate this more than you think they would. 

Check them out here

Give them a little squeeze. RecoFit's calf compression sleeves. These are great for runner or cyclists. Recovery has never been so easy.  These calf compression sleeves can even be worn during a training workout or anytime the calf and leg muscles need help in recovering. 

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Fuel your athlete with a variety of Amrita plant based nutrition energy bars! If you don't buy them a whole box of 12, you can always mix and match and even use them as a stocking stuffer.  In the past year Amrita has unveiled three new protein packed flavor combinations. 

Use the code "timhacker16" and receive 15 percent off your purchase!

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Carb BOOM energy gels are a great stocking stuffer.  Numerous flavors to choose from or order them a variety pack. 

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How about the very innovative See.Sense ICON head and/or tail lights or See.Sense 2.0, intelligent sense technology, motion gesture control smart tail light with CREE LED’s provides a 180 degree light pattern. 

See.Sense ICON with BlueTooth Technology

See.Sense 2.0 
Check them out here

And last but not least, maybe for the runner your shopping for that suffers from plantar fasciitis 
and help their joints recover fast with Frozen Peaz!  These can be used for either hot or cold therapy. Simply keep them in your freezer and apply after a tough workout. 
These also work great for treating migraine headaches. 

Use the code "TimHakr" (not case sensitive) for a discount on Frozen Peaz

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The Spruzza Mist System

It may be cold outside now, but believe me the summer heat will be back.  Check out the Spruzza Mist system and keep cool while cycling. This simple and innovative device will do just that. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Timber Mountain Bike Bell

The TIMBER Mountain Bike Bell

First off, I obey the rules of the trail. I yield to both hikers as well as horse riders, who I may come across while out riding on the trail. I don’t use a signaling device to tell others on the trail to get out of my way, but use the device to alert them that, I too am sharing the trail with them. 
The Timber Mountain Bike Bell is a very different and innovative bell.  This miniature cow bell is able to be turned off and on with the simple slide of a switch. No batteries required as the bell is powered by the motion of your bike and handlebars. The bell is used by turning it on well before you think you would need to alert someone ahead on the trail. Therefore they start to hear the bell off in the distance, slowly alerting them to your presence. This gives them time to react.  Other bells or signaling devices you typically use as you are close to the person. The bell is easily attached to the handlebars of either diameter size 22mm or 35mm as it comes with the needed quick release rubber O-rings.  With the different size bar attachments, and some bars thicker towards the stem and smaller towards the grips, you can determine the best place to mount the bell. The loud, not annoying bell, is a great bell and really the perfect bell for mountain biking, hands down. Easy to activate with the use of your thumb and can be attached to your handlebar on either the right or left side. 

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Showdown at Usery Race Report

The Showdown at Usery Race Report 

Here is the course recorded by by Suunto Ambit2S. I tracked my HR and distance on the watch. 
The race was as many laps as you could do in the eight hours, starting at 10 am and stopping at 6 pm. I teamed up with Shane McCarthy to create a duo male team. My partner took the first lap, and from there we traded off doing laps. I felt great at the start. Had a good breakfast and set up our pit area a few hours before the start. I have ridden this course numerous times, so I knew what to expect from the terrain changing to the elevation gains and drops as well as any obstacles. A three days out from the race, it good steady downpour occurred, helping the course out.

Lap 1

My first lap I had a difficult time keeping my heart rate under control. I didn't push my pace too hard, being just the first lap. I guess it was just a ton of adrenaline working its way out. My body felt good with no issues yet and focused on staying hydrated. The temperature reached in the mid 80's for the high that day.    

In between my first and second lap, I was able to watch from a distance the kids race. Both my son 9, and daughter 7, were in the race. The kids course was a half mile out, a half mile back. I was stoked to see each one of them take first in each the boys and girls division.

Lap 2

During my down time from my first lap I adjusted the height of my seat, raising it about an inch. Once again I had a hard time controlling my heart rate but felt a little more comfortable on the second lap.

Lap 3 

Before heading out on my third lap my left glute was super tight and giving my problems on some of the shorter climbing portions of the loop. I went over to a massage table and had it worked on for a bit. It was still tight, but help loosen it. The food and hydration I was consuming during my rest breaks were staying down. The third lap I started just as the sun was getting lower in the sky making for some tricky vision of the trail at times. Focused again on keeping my heart rate down while trying to still get my lap finished in under an hour.

Lap 4

As I rested up for my fourth and final lap, my team mate and I talked briefly. If our team crossed the finish line before the end of the eight hours, we would have to complete another lap. With as bad as I was physically and mentally, my team mate had a plan to not cross the line until after the time limit. With under 5 minutes to go, I was ready and pumped myself up to get the last lap for our time done. By now the sun was down and I was using my lights. The temperature also dropped making the trail cool, as the desert does once the sun goes down. I had a hard time taking a hair-pin turn and ended up laying the bike down and skinning up my knee and forearm. I jumped up fast and tried to shake it off, getting back on the bike and off on the trail. The trail looked very different being lit by only the headlight. I adjusted the light a few times to place the beam exactly where my eyes were focused down the trail. I passed a few riders still on the course but focused trying to keep my speed up as I now finally had my heart rate under control. 

Our duo team of Shane McCarthy and myself took 9th place in the male duo division.  Shane did a great job.

Very excited to have finished this awesome race and look forward to totally improving a bunch for doing the race next year.

The inaugural race put on by local bike shops Two Wheel Jones was a hit by riders from all over as well as very well supported by family, friends and fans of mountain bike racing.

A big shout out and thank you to my supporters
Cat-Ears LLC
Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream
Rumble Roller Foam Rollers
RecoFit Compression Leg Sleeves
Urge Bike Products
Amrita Nutrition
Frozen Peaz
Lupine Lighting

Friday, November 4, 2016


MedZone’s PainZone is just what sore muscles after a tough workout are looking for.  

The roll on applicator makes application a breeze and not messy. The active ingredient in the PainZone is a combination of three ingredients. Camphor, at 3 percent,  Menthol at 12 percent and Methyl Salicyate at 20 percent warming the area on the skin. The rub is not thick, keeping in mind it is dispensed through a roller ball applicator.  I have used this numerous times on the back of my neck as well as around my knees.  

MedZone’s ChafeZone is great for areas on your body where friction will hurt the skin.  The no mess applicator stick makes it great for applying to the back of the neck (for rubbing wetsuit) or heel to prevent rubbing in my shoe. It is moisture resistant and is not affected by sweat or water. The main active ingredient is dimethicone. 
2 1/4 inches wide is the applicator width.  

MedZone’s BlisterZone is almost like ChafeZone yet I feel is geared more toward feet and hands. Anytime there is friction in your shoes/socks, gloves a blister is bound to form. Using BlisterZone will help alleviate the friction from happening in the first place.  The main active ingredient is dimethicone. 1 and 3/4 inches wide is the applicator width. 

All of MedZone’s products have a very non-over powering scent except for the PainZone with it’s calming and relaxing camphor and menthol scents. 

These products work and do a great job protecting your skin.