Sunday, January 31, 2016

First month completed with Ironman training

The first months training is finished. I have struggled to keep all my swim workouts, but with summer just around the corner, that should not be a problem. More pools will be open and hours will be increased to get my much needed laps in. All three disciplines are going well and the weight training workouts are great. A few challenging drills here and there. I have even had my daughter and son join in on some of the indoor workouts.  I think my daughters favorite is burpees and wall sits.  I feel my running is getting better, although a lot of my workouts have been kept in my Heart Rate of  Zone 2.  I started off on the indoor rollers, as the weather started off cold, but have been able to get miles in on the road as of lately. A few pounds have been lost and I can see more being lost along the way training.  I thank my family for working with me and helping me to obtain this goal.  If you care to join me on a ride, a run or even a swim in the pool let me know. If you are willing to help me out on my race day, I would love that too.  I am in the beginning stages of mapping out my course.

140.6 I'm coming for YOU! 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Gonzo Group Suspension Trainer

Besides my kettle bell and sandbag I often use for my weight workouts, I use the Gonzo Group’s suspension trainer. Not for all exercises.  Quality straps are built into this suspension trainer. I primarily right not use it with the door frame attachment. I do however love the carabiner and how after hooked, using the allen key it can be securely closed.  There are numerous exercises I do with this including lat pulls, bicep curls, reverse fly, as well as one legged squats, etc.  The handles are very comfortable. The adjustments are easy to make, making switching from exercise to exercise fast. I like how it is very portable, if you would to need to bring with you. 

This is a great home workout suspension trainer and look to get many awesome workouts using it and learning more exercises I can do with it. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Android MAX, lapel mic for recording sound

This is a quick over-view and look at the Android-MAX professional lavalier microphone. This high quality lavalier microphone is simple and easy to use. Plug it into the 3.5 mm headphone port on your android device, select a voice recording app and your ready to go. Place the device on “airplane mode” so phone calls or messages won’t disturb your recording. Not only can this lapel mic be used with android phones but with the enclosed Smart Conversion Adapter Cable can also work with iOS devices. The uni directional mic is attached to a cord that is 3 feet 9 inches long. This sound of this entire video was recorded with the Android MAX plugged into my smart phone, creating a WAV file.  The sound was matched up with the video in post production.  So what does this mean. Even those on a budget and not having an expensive lavalier microphone set, plugged directly into a camera can benefit. Using a DSLR to record sound is difficult, but now with this you can use this microphone with any camera set up. The sound in this video was recorded using the Android MAX and the video was captured in HD on either my smartphone or simple point and shoot camera, that has the ability to shoot video.  Better yet, forget about the crappy sound you get from your GoPro, use this mic along wth your smartphone, then sync the video from the camera up with the sound file from your smartphone. 

By the way, the mic comes with two noise dampening wind screens as well as two mic clips. 

Check out the Android-Max on Amazon USA here:

Check out the Android-Max on the Microphones and More website here:!android-max/c13yc 

Monday, January 18, 2016

140.6 here I come!

I am have started training for a self supported Ironman distance race in the middle of October of this year. In order to do this I have asked and am being coached by none other than the best James Lawrence, or those of you into the sport of triathlon, Iron Cowboy James. Yes that is right, the same inspiring athlete who set out last summer completing 50 Ironman distance triathlons in 50 consecutive days in each of the 50 United States.  I followed along last summer on social media and his website as he traveled across the country, day in and day out finishing the 140.6 distance. I am extremely honored to be coached by this amazing triathlete. In my first two weeks of training, I have been given some great workouts to follow and am looking forward to being able to complete my own Iron distance race. More to come on that as training continues. 


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

KETO//OS (Ketone Operating System) drink mix

This is a new product on the market so I thought I would give it a try. KETO//OS (Ketone Operating System) drink mix is based on a proprietary ketone energy technology that delivers advanced macro nutritional and promotes optimized cellular regeneration.  The maker recommend it be mixed with a smoothie, flavored seltzer water or coconut water. I have tried it with just regular water. It took a while to nail down what the flavor was, but its like a mixture of bubble gum meets fruit of some type. Very energetic. The .79oz powered drink mix packs 110 calories. It is sweetened with Stevia and does contain milk ingredients. I would recommend it. After drinking it I felt a little energized. There are two versions of the mix, caffeinated and non-caffeinated. I had caffeine free version. 
This can only be ordered through this link
To order KETO/OS go to

Stupid Bright Series Extreme Performance LED Bike Light System SB2600

Stupid Bright Series Extreme Performance LED Bike Light System SB2600

This is an impressive little light at 2600 Lumes with five Cree XML-T6 LED's. On the head of the light, there is green silicone on/off mode button on the back. Hitting the button will activate the light at full power/ half power or an intense flashing/strobe mode. When the light is plugged into the battery the button glows green. First off to mount the light, I love it comes with a “no tools” need type silicone strap. There are two of them, both different sizes. One can be used when attaching it the included helmet mount while the other for smaller sized handlebars,etc. I like the “no tools” attachment,  because who wants to mess around with tools to put on and take off a light. The light is both shock and waterproof. The helmet strap uses very fine velcro which is very strong. After figuring out which helmet you want to mount it to the excess velcro strap can be trimmed or tucked into the helmet. The battery has two straps permanently attached it and has numerous notches in, so it can fit various size bike top tubes. The battery is an 8.4 volts 8800mAh, so it will last pretty long running full brightness. The light also comes with its own Li-ion charging cord. This is a great bright light. The only problem I foresee in the future is maybe an issue with the cord at the back of the light, where the strap sits in the mount. The cord comes the back of the light exactly where the silicone strap needs space.  The light does come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee money back under 60 days and two year limited lifetime warranty. This light with my riding will definitely get a workout either on the road or mountain bike trails. Very bright bike light. Love the "no tools" installation on both light and battery to the bike or helmet 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Epic year ahead and here is how it will be captured.

This is a must have for anyone with a GoPro.  This is an amazing accessory kit with everything you need. This GoPro accessory kit includes 
floating grip


flexible mini tripod

bicycle mount (will fit either the handlebars or seat post)

window / car suction cup mount

head strap

chest strap

twelve anti-fog inserts

wrist strap

wrench for tightening the thumb screws super tight

two flat and two curved adhesive mounts

a flat and vertical quick clip

as well as a “doohickey” or what they are calling a locking plug

and an 8GB Micro SD card (class 4) with adapter. The slow write speed of the card is the only drawback I see in this kit as a whole.

The carrying case is great for storage of theses mounts adding your cameras to it. The foam insert can be customized to the mounts and other accessories you have. Why purchase each piece separate when this accessory kit has it all. The mounts are of very good quality.