Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year is just around the corner

So I am happy to say, a month after my MCL surgery,  I have been able to participate in the Runner World Run Streak. Running at least a mile a day during the month of December. A few of the runs I had to squeeze in late at night, but was still able to get them in. The weather here in Arizona has been pretty good this winter with only a few days of rain and not getting very cold.  I have many goals for 2015 and with the way 2014 is ending the New Year is going to be great.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Xtreme Bright's Ultra Torch

Xtreme Bright's Ultra Torch 

The very powerful 250 Lumen headlight is light and very functional.  Simply align the arrows on the front and twist counter clockwise to install 4 AAA batteries inside. Replace the front and your ready to go. The light has three options pushing the button. Once for 100%, twice for 50% and three times for a flashing strobe.  The light pattern is narrow.  The light is easily attached to a wide variety of handlebar diameters. A built in quick release under the light is handy for removing the light yet leaving its mounting bracket attached to the bike.  Inside the box are two red tail lights.  These also have three options, one button push turning the light on (constant), twice will blink the light slow and three times will blink the light faster.  Not only is the headlight important when out riding or commuting but the tail light is important also to tell others you are sharing the road with them. 

Smart Weigh SBS500 Body Fat Digital Precision Scale

Smart Weigh SBS500 Body Fat Digital Precision Scale

Around the first of the year numerous people set out to lose weight or maintain a healthier lifestyle. The Smart Weigh SBS500 Body Fat Digital Precision Scale with tempered glass is more than just a scale. The scale which reads your body fat, muscle mass, body water and bone mass will keep you informed and on track for the new year and beyond. 
The scale is set to go right out of the box with just removing the tab covering the battery.  However, if you want to use the advanced features a little more set up required and simple.  It can track up to eight users.  Input the gender, height and age in one of the eight profiles. Use the scale with bare feet and to get a more accurate reading the feet should be a little moist. 
When first stepping on the scale it calculates your weight.  Stay on the scale, as it will cycle through reading your body fat, percentage of water in your body, your muscle mass and bone mass.  There is a warning on the scale as it should be avoided by pregnant women and children under ten or anyone with an implanted medical device.  The scale used BIA or bioelectrical impedance analysis to determine body fat percentage. There is a small electrical current, that may or may not be felt, used in this calculation along with reading the amount of water as well as the muscle and bone mass. For anyone trying to get on the right track and make a positive change in your body for 2015 this is the scale you need. 

So jump on the scale and get your 2015 off to a great start. 

Sweatbands are more than fashionable they are functional

Suddora's head and wristbands are comfortable and functional. The soft durable 80% cotton, 12% spandex and 8% nylon sweatbands are great for keeping sweat dripping down into your eyes instead of wearing a hat. Better yet, the super absorbent wristbands keep sweat from dripping down your arm while using the stationary bike at the gym. The headband is 2X7" while the set of two wristbands are 3 1/2X3". They are available in various colors. Wearing sweatbands while running in a 10K to full marathon what better way for letting those looking for you find you very easy. Your typical runner is going to be wearing a hat, visor or nothing at all on their head. When they are looking for you on the course and see the bright headband they will easily locate you.  Suddora is offering until the end of January 2015, 10% off your order from their site at by using the coupon code "GetFit10".

Liztek Smart Bluetooth Speaker PSS-100

Liztek smart bluetooth speaker PSS-100

The high end quality sound from this speaker is beyond impressive. First off the battery life is up to 10 hours connected through bluetooth or up to 12 hours using the provided jack from line in from your device.  It can connect with smart phones, tablets, mp3 and mp4, laptops and desktop computers as well as portable gaming units. The bass sound is outstanding. 
While connected to a smart phone it can be used for hands free calling and SIRI can be activated, using an iPhone, with a button on top of the speaker.  It uses bluetooth 3.0  On the back of the speaker near the on button, is a micro-USB charging port. I use the speaker add great quality sound to videos while showing them to clients while bluetooth connected to my laptop.  The speaker can be set up to 10 meters away and still receive the signal, no problem. While connected by bluetooth you can control your volume and tracks by using the buttons on top of the speaker.  For someone who picky about quality sound without spending a lot this is a must have.  
The top of the speaker has a LED light indicator on it which blinks blue as the bluetooth is connected. The indicator will also indicate with a red light a low battery status. 
The six buttons on the top of the speaker control the handsfree talk mode or SIRI, moving a track back, playing or pausing a track, next track and volume up and volume down. On the back of the speaker are the on/off switch, line-in audio jack and micro-USB charging port. The speaker charges with the micro-USB plugged into a USB 2.0  To fully charge the unit will take between three and four hours. 
Incased inside the unit is a right and left speaker with the microphone in the center, for the handsfree use. 

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Super Bright Rim LED Lights

Long Lasting Super Bright Rim LED Lights 

Check out the light in action is this short video.  It gives a quick tutorial on installing them too.
Video link to YouTube 

The easy to install Super Bright Rim LED Lights not only are cool but increase your safety being seen in the dark by vehicles. Simply remove the valve cap and replace with a cap that allows you to insert the light.  Simple as that. It fits schrader valves and comes in three different colors, Green, Blue and White.  Mix and match on your wheels.  Each LED is powered by three AG10 (or equivalent) button cell batteries. The batteries should last about 50,000 hours as they are only active when the wheel is spinning. With the light attached to your wheel stem the force of the wheel spinning creates the force pushing the batteries down activating the light. Your now very visible while riding your bike from the side!  

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Liztek Wireless Bluetooth Speaker PSS-60

 Liztek Wireless Bluetooth Speaker PSS-60

The Liztek wireless bluetooth 3.0 speaker delivers a great sound. The speaker can be used as a handsfree phone device when connected to your smartphone.  It can connect with smart phones, tablets, mp3 and mp4, laptops and desktop computers as well as portable gaming units. Each side of the speaker delivers 3W with the two piece 40MM drivers delivering a excellent rich sound. To fully charge the battery is takes about three hours with returning between five and eight hours of use.  This is done connected to micro-USB charging the battery located under the on/off switch. The bluetooth connection will reach to about 10 meters away. It can also be used as a wired speaker by simply using the line-in mini port on the back of the speaker. While connected by bluetooth, you can control your volume and tracks by using the buttons on top of the speaker. The speaker can play music off a flash drive with a USB port on the back or slip a TransFlash/SD card in the port also located in the back to play tracks off from them. 

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Gift ideas for this holiday season

Do you have an athlete, runner, triathlete or swimmer on your Christmas gift list?
Here are some quick and great ideas of what to get them.  
The Orange Mud Hydra Quiver is perfect for keeping anyone hydrated out hiking or running. 

Cat-Ears will keep your cyclist warm using their Polar Fleece Ear Warmers and when the weather warms up their will keep your cyclist safe by letting them hear others around them while riding. 

What fits better in the Orange Mud Hydra Quiver than the Relaj water bottle. The unique bottle is easy to hold and both top and bottom are removable for easy cleaning.  
Udderly Smooth will keep your runners feet and skin smooth or buy them a jar of chamois cream to keep them chafe free on long training rides and races. 

For the swimmers out there, Barracuda goggles will keep them swimming in a straight line.  

Maybe the athlete or triathlete in your house could use Shutout Solutions Total Body Spray or other stink removing products to make them smell great after a workout? 

Pair that up with a waterproof case from to keep tunes in their ears making swim workouts more enjoyable. 

Carb BOOM energy gels are a great stocking stuffer.  Numerous flavors to choose from or order them a variety pack. 

How about a pouch of Honey Maxx electrolyte drink mix. 
And last but not least, maybe for the runner your shopping for that suffers from plantar fasciitis 
a pair of Ice Feet. 

These are just a few ideas, if not gifts than stocking stuffers.