Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pedallon's USB Rechargeable 100 Lumens Bike Light

I was sent the Pedallon bike lights to use, test and review.  These LED lights come in at full power brightness of 100 Lumens.  The internal battery, which is a Lithium polymer 3.7V 500mAh, takes about two hours to fully charge. The life of the battery depends upon one of the six modes. The modes are standard, with a brightness of 20 Lumens in which the battery will last about seven hours, with the light on high it comes in at a brightness of 50 Lumens and will last about three hours and finally with the light on super high it comes in at a brightness of the full 100 Lumens and the battery in this mode will last about two hours.  So those are the first three modes in which the lights is on constantly. The other three modes the lights have are a flashing or strobe mode.  With the light flashing at 50 percent power the light will last about six hours and flashing at 100 percent power the battery will last about three hours. With the strobe mode the light will last about four hours.  The lights are rechargeable with a simple USB cord, so they can be charged in a USB outlet in a wall or attached to a computer. The light has an orange lighting bolt near the on/off switch.  When the light is plugged into the USB cord charging, the orange lightning bolt symbol will indicate by flickering on and off that the battery is charging.  If the orange light is on solid it indicates the battery is fully charged. The light weighs 35.5 grams and are easily mounted or removed with a quick release rubber strap. The strap can mount to any bar or seat post measuring 22mm to 31.8mm.  The bracket on the bottom of the light can be mounted in the rubber strap either vertically or horizontally. When attached to the bracket on the rubber strap, you are able to pivot the mount also, allowing for more precise angles if needed. The lights are very secure once mounted on their rubber straps and are not going anywhere, if you should hit a pot hole or be bounced around. The rubber strap won’t scratch your handlebars or seat tube, but can be mounted really across any tube on your bike. 
Pedallon makes the light in both a white front light or a red tail light and are sold individually.  The light with it’s rating of 100 Lumens is perfect for being seen out on the road amongst traffic or other riders. As for a light to shine out and project a beam to light the way along a path this light will do no good.  
Pedalllon would like to extend a discount of 35 percent off for readers of my blog. Simply use the coupon code for the front light: QLZZU7EJ and/or for the rear light: WFQI3VEL. The coupon codes until midnight on 28 February (PST) so you must act quick. 

Here is a link to the products on Amazon

**** The manufacture of the Pedallon Bike Lights has a contest in which he would like to award a $50 Amazon gift voucher for the best Youtube video with a link to the product along with a review of the product.  Also a $50 gift voucher for the best Pinterest post for the light / lights is available as long as they've also done a review. (Closing date for both entries will be March 15, 2015). 

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