Monday, March 23, 2015

TOGS (Thumb Over Grip System)

TOGS come with their own 2.5mm hex wrench and are right and left specific. Easy to install and add comfort on long mountain bike rides. 

What are TOGS?  TOGS stands for Thumb Over Grip System. They are made of a hard thermoplastic.  They attach to your handlebar for your thumb to grip as you ride, resting your hand like playing a piano.  The grip is used for keeping your hands on the bar and not accidentally bumped off while riding. Why would a rider want to use these?  The grips offer a different positioning for your hands which is comfortable after riding for a long period of time.  You still have access to your brakes, yet downshifting gears is not accessible when your hand is in this position. They are easily installed with the 2.5mm hex key provided and snap over the handlebar before using the hex bolt to keep them in place. Adjustments need to be made for other accessories such as brakes and gear shifters, lights, bells, etc., near the handlebar grip to accommodate the TOGS. TOGS are right and left hand specific.  I like to vary my hand position while riding for long periods of time and using the TOGS keeps my hands from getting bumped off. On long climbs I find them very useful. I would recommend TOGS to fellow mountain bike riders. 

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