Wednesday, March 29, 2017

AirStreamz™ by Cat-Ears

A year ago, my family and I traveled to Boulder, Colorado, home of Cat-Ears.  While there my family and I got a tour of the facility where they not only hand make the cycling helmet devices but test and research improving the product. 

News out of Boulder, Colorado is Cat-Ears highly researched and proven product AirStreamz™ is out and available to everyone. 

These devices simply attach with the Velcro® strips sewn on the inside. The two AirStreamz™ are not left or right helmet side specific, and full detailed instructions on how to install them are on the package. They fold around your helmet strap placing them right in front of your ear. I see a lot of people, first off with their helmets not fitted or strapped on properly. 

The effectiveness of the AirStreamz™ doing their job correctly stems from your helmet and straps being worn properly. Placing the AirStreamz™ on your helmets straps greatly reduces wind noise, allowing you to hear fellow riders or traffic around you, keeping you ultimately safer. Also they are most effective when your helmets strap is on the inside of your sunglasses or regular glasses temple. They are hand-made in Boulder, Colorado, USA and are a must for any cyclist of any age, road riders or mountain bike riders. They are washable by hand and best dried by just placing flat letting them air dry. The pile material is soft.  
Cat-Ears are the worlds best selling noise reducing product for cycling.  The product is even 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Not as easy as it looks, going TUBELESS

I knew about a lot of the things it would take to swap out tubes in my mountain bike for tubeless.  The right tires, the right rims and valve stems. I took all in consideration before taking on this task. 

Continental's Mountain King 29 inch tires 

I've used a few different brands of sealants.  Placing them inside my tubes to get the most life out of them.  Not being bothered by small thorns or pieces of glass I may come upon while riding on the road or trails. The straw that broke the camels back and made me want to do the conversion of my mountain bike tires, was after getting two pinch flats in one evening while riding. The ride ended up with me walking back about two miles to my vehicle, just as the sun was going down. 
Orange Seal is the brand I am using and sticking with.

I ordered a nice set of new tires that are compatible with being tubeless, Continental's Mountain King 29 inch tires. I found a set of Presta valves, with the removable core, so if you want to initially put the sealant in that way you can, or down later on add more sealant if needed without compromising the seal created at the rim.  Also with the core removed, you can get that full blast of air needed to seat the rim. I knew that in order to inflate to tire, an air compressor would need to be used to seat the tire on the rim. My first attempt, I thought I had all the right components to make this transition. I measured the rim and cut a piece of Gorilla Tape to seal off the spoke holes. This was pretty easy. I started the tape about 3 inches on one side of the valve hole and wrapped the tape two times around. Then installed the Presta valve, with the washers and seals it came with. Tested the tires on the rim, just to make sure it would seal later on when the sealant was placed inside. With an air compressor and some dish soap to help the installation, I couldn't achieve the right seal. 

I used another air compressor later on to achieve the "blast"of air needed to seat the rim. A seal was achieved except for where the valve stem was. Leaking was occurring near the Presta valves I had installed. The hole already in the rim was larger, as the rims originally had Schrader valves in them.  I got the tires to seat and the sealant to take hold, but not for long. I had a good ride out on the trails with my daughter and was amazed at how good the tires where contacting the trail. It wasn't until about a week later that the front tire came off the rim.  I ordered a set of Schrader valve stems which should solve the leaking around the valve stem.  I think I have it figured out, but it has kept me off my mountain bike and has me out riding my road bike for the time being.   


Note: Not all rims are tubeless compatible nor are all tires. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

the Oi from KNOG w/ video

The "Oi" from KNOG 
"Oi" translates to "HEY"

There is a hidden spacer in the packaging to help it fit on smaller bar sizes. Look behind this plastic piece before discarding the package. 

Many states or countries have laws requiring a bell or signaling device on bicycles that ride on the road or with traffic.  The Oi bicycle bell by KNOG is a sleek designed bell. This computer numerical controlled machined bell, size large fits bars 23.8mm  to 31.8mm bars. They do make a small version to fit bars 22.2mm, but that is not the bell I have. The metal part, noise making part of the bell, is suspended by a few springs inside. The bell comes with all necessary tools, a hex key and spacers, if needed, to install it on your handle bars. There are two nicely spaced places on the bottom of the Oi allowing for brake and gear cables to run smoothly along the underside of the bell.  Many states or countries have laws requiring a bell or signaling device on bicycles that ride on the road or with traffic. 

Listen to the tone in the video below.  

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Working on a few issues

Over the past few months I have focused on strengthening my glutes, as I have ran into some issues with them cramping on longer rides. The issue I had been having is with the running and cycling motions, my muscles get accustomed to just that forward and backward motion. To help with the strengthening I started doing a few workouts a week with some resistance bands.  Using my legs in more of lateral motion to help treat those muscles. 

Side leg lifts and doing squats then walking sideways I am trying to trigger and get at those muscles. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

ShinTEKK, Make having shin splints a thing of the past.


Click this image below to visit the site and order yours.

So here is what the ShinTEKK is all about. 

Make having shin splints a thing of the past.

I can recall a long time ago when I first started running. Way back in my high school days.  I remember having shin splints so bad I could barely walk home from a run. I felt as though I would have crawled home faster but walked super slow. 
I have not suffered from shin splints since then and really hope to never have to again.  
The ShinTEKK is just what the doctor ordered. Or well sort of. When it comes to strengthening and stretching the front of the lower let, the shin, the ShinTEKK it the right call. The ShinTEKK Performance Pack comes with the full range of resistance bungee cords as well as a backpack. The backpack is not only a great way to transport or store the ShinTEKK but has extra room for a few water bottles and a light jacket. 

There are eight different tensions of bungee cords to use. Each is a different color and vary in tension from the lightest or easiest being 3.5 pounds up to the hardest being 15 pounds. 

The first three are considered Rehab tensions

Blue = 3. 5 pounds

Green = 4.5 pounds 

Purple = 5.5 pounds

The next three are considered Performance tensions 

Bright Yellow = 6 pounds 

Red = 8 pounds

Black = 10 pounds

The last two are considered Advanced tensions 

Grey = 13 pounds

Yellow Gold = 15 pounds 

Attach the appropriate bungee cord and perform 10 to 12 exercises pulling the front of your foot upwards. It can be done either standing or sitting.  
All the exercises with the ShinTEKK are helping to work the

Tibialls anterior
Extensor digitorum longus
Extensor hallucis longus
and the 
Fibularis tertius

all muscles in the lower front part of the leg 

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Blender Bottle

When mixing up a protein powder the use of a Blender Bottle makes the process pretty easy.  The latest bottle I bought, is the Blender Bottle but with a few cool, sweet options. The bottle has a screw on addition to the bottom that a powered mix can be stored inside. It's crazy but numerous additional containers can be screwed on to the bottom also. Also in inside the addition to the powered mix storage, there is a pill/tablet storage compartment inside I store supplements inside. 

I love the "all in one" unit. What still puzzles me about the Blender Bottle is the squared off bottom of the inside. I would think they would design it with a more rounded bottom so the blender ball could reach the whole area down there.  I also like that the whole unit is dishwasher safe.