Monday, January 30, 2012

Studying my sleep

For well over a month now I have been wearing the Zeo Sleep Manager to bed. A simple headband which sends information to my iPad on the quality as well as the quantity of sleep I get each night. Let just say my sleep, as I started using it was great. It fell a little off and now I think I'm back on track to getting a better rest at night. All of my training so far this year is being done during the daytime, so no early morning workouts have been needed. That will change a lot when warmer daytime temperatures start to increase.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Music in my ears

The training in the New Year has been perfect. I'm getting my workouts in and looking forward to a great racing season. Have yet to get a workout in the pool just yet, but I'm not worried.  I need to get some new music to listen to working out on the rollers and while running and when swimming starts , there too.   After I download my music selection, I shuffle the mix as to not get sick of the same routine, it works out great. In my next post I' ll give you a sample of the playlist I put together.  My music taste, whether driving in the car or working out, tends to be all over the place.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rolling rolling rolling, winter training is rolling

The weather here in Arizona has been great this winter so one might ask why am I doing so much training indoors?  I did a great ride of 20.12 miles on New Years Day to start of the year, but really got my winter training off to a start about two weeks ago riding rollers, an indoor way of training on your bike. Riding the rollers allows me to stay close to home (how much closer can I get) and focus working on my heart rate training (Aerobic Zone (Endurance Training) 70-80% HRM).  Riding the rollers is not easy and I have done a lot of research on them before getting them.  They have been compared to riding a bike on ice!  With the power being forced on the back wheel a belt drives the roller on the front so your front wheel rotates also. They help a rider overall perfect their form and balance. They also force to keep pedaling.  No coasting or you will fall.  The workouts I have done on them so far have been great.  Unlike riding outside, there is no stopping at "stop" signs or coasting to a stop.  They allow you to use your own bike, so the set up and feel of your position are exactly how my bike has been fit to me. They take a little getting used to, starting off holding onto a wall or object to get going.  Yes, I have fallen learning to ride and most likely will fall a few more times before I really get comfortable on them.  The first wreck I took with them was while riding along the couch while my wife and I watched TV.  Next thing you know I was flat on the ground with her laughing.  I am tall already on my bike and the rollers boost the rider about another five inches off the ground, making the distance to fall from a little farther.  I hope to soon post a video of myself on the rollers to show what it's all about.  There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing riders on them. 

Healthy Heart Zone -- 50-60% HRM
Fitness Zone (Fat Burning) 60-70% HRM
Aerobic Zone (Endurance Training) 70-80% HRM
Anaerobic Zone (Performance Training 80-90% HRM
Red Line (Max Effort) 90-100% HRM

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Monitoring my sleep with the Zeo Mobile Sleep Manager

Just before the holidays began I won a contest online winning a Zeo Mobile Sleep Manager. You may ask what the heck is that. Well, it an app used by either a iPad, iTouch and Android device which receives signals from a head band worn while sleeping at night. It monitors the overall time you sleep as well as the different levels of sleep you are getting each night.

The information it gives you is very cool. After a nights sleep it gives you what they call a (ZQ) or IQ number as to the quality of sleep you are getting. The head band sends information via Bluetooth to your device where it is recorded.
I have only worn it for about 13 nights now and look forward to finding out more on how I sleep and what I can do to improve the quality of my sleeping.

It records too how many times you have woken up during the night too. I was joking with my wife and told her I need to wear it the night before a race, just to see how crappy my sleeping is, if any. I will keep you posted what I learn.

Check the device out for yourself at