Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Lasten storage container for small camera or bike parts

Wanting to organize the many GoPro mounts and other smaller camera gear I have, using the Lasten storage container is perfect.  The removable dividers, allows me to fit different size objects or mounts in each section. It is made of high quality “see-through” plastic. The 36 divided container can be adjusted a few ways to fit your items.  The dimensions of the storage box are 10.8"x7.3"x1.8" and made of a hard plastic.  Each divided section can be as small as 1 3/4 by 1 inch.  The dividers are only removal on width wise. The vertical divided sections are permanent. The see through aspect is perfect, stopping the need to open it to see exactly whats inside.  How does it seal and latch?  There are two very secure snaps on the front of the box keeping it closed.  It could be used for sorting and storing small bike components, but it works perfect for organizing and storing my GoPro mounts. With some sections not being able to be removed and adjusted it is limited to what it can store. 

Note: I reviewed this item as a reduce cost in exchange for my opinion.  

Friday, July 21, 2017

Useful tips and tricks for having a great training swim

Four things that I find super useful when swim training.  Although summer swimming season is halfway over, these four items can be used when swimming at indoor pools too. 

Baby Shampoo, Rubbing Alcohol, waterproof music player, corrective lens goggles.  

First off baby shampoo.  No, not to wash your hair with before or afterwards. Baby shampoo is great for helping keep your swim goggles from fogging up.  Place a small drop of the baby shampoo in each lens, rub it around coating the entire inside. Let it sit for a few seconds then rinse out with cold water.  Don’t rub the lenses on the inside when rinsing, just use the force of the water coming out of the faucet.  With the “no-tears" properties of the shampoo, if you miss rinsing a little bit of it, it’s no big deal.  I have to use this method when I start having trouble with them fogging up.  Give it a try. 

Second on the list, is a good pair of swim goggles.  There are some corrective lens swimming goggles out there but the best I have found and love are Barracuda USA goggles.  They make non-corrective lens goggles as well. Although much of lap swimming is staring at a line on the bottom of a pool, clear vision is still important. 
As a triathlete, good vision in an open water swim is crucial to staying on course and exiting the water. This is sometimes hard enough as it is but add having difficulty seeing and becomes a little harder.  Exiting the water in a triathlon and running to your bike can sometimes feel overwhelming. Barracuda USA corrective lens goggles have made seeing that lane line as well as the edge of the pool that much sharper, vision wise. The H2RX Blue (blue strap, clear lens) and the H2RX Smoke (black strap, tinted lens) come in diopter corrections of -1.50 to -10.00. These high quality made goggles come with three different size nose bridges to customize the fit better to each persons facial features as well as two adjusting straps making sure the goggles stay put on your face. The fit is very comfortable and the anti-fog coating is excellent. The goggles come with a protective case to store them in when you are not wearing them. The wide angle view is incredible. All it would take to see if you would benefit from wearing these corrective lens Barracuda USA swimming goggles is a call to you eye doctor.  Give them your vision prescription and see if they can help you out telling you what diopter correction you would need. Simple as that.  In the long run it will save you from swimming a longer open water course in a race, or worse grabbing someone else's bike in transition. 

Next up is a waterproof MP3 music player A.K.A. iPod with case. I enjoy using numerous audio set ups from X-1.  Not only are the headphones sweat proof but underwater proof too.  The devices I own have fueled many a sweaty and or pool workout.  I am either seen at the pool with my X-1 case for my 3rd generation iPod Nano that I wear in a Velcro belt or the Interval 4G waterproof headphone system attached to my goggle strap.  I guess you could say the one I use the most, is the one that is charged ready to go.  Both securely hold my iPod and keep it dry yet allow me to use my playlist to push my workouts to the edge. Each set of headphones comes with different tip sizes that can be easily swapped out to fit comfortably, however I have had custom ear molds made at Gold Canyon Hearing, a local hearing business, helping to make sure the ear phones stay in place.  The smallest bit of water still gets in my ears, but the custom molds totally help with ear issues and getting tons of water in the ear. The set up is awesome. I fire up a good playlist and away I go.  Swim workouts are very enjoyable and the music helps me stay focused.  Really the only drawback is losing track of time and laps.  Also, make sure then you keep an eye on your battery level of your device, not having the battery charged makes for a long and sometimes dreadful swim workout. 

I advise only using your headphones while running, swimming, at the gym or other activity other than cycling on the road.  Using a headset while cycling is dangerous, as the rider must be listening for traffic and others around them. 

Finally is rubbing alcohol.  Although the custom ear pieces I had made from molds of the inside of my ear seal all water out, if you were to swim without ear plugs of any type, water might get in your ears.  After getting out, drop a few drops of rubbing alcohol in each ear doing one ear at a time.  Tip your head and let the water stuck in your ear drain out. It’s a very simple and easy fix to removing water from our ear.  There are special drops or liquids on the market that do the same, but save yourself a little money and just go with the rubbing alcohol. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Very close replica to a camera lens for a coffee cup

As a photographer and coffee lover, who wouldn’t want to sweet coffee mug like this.  Just don’t confuse it for the real lens, as it does look pretty close to a Canon 24 to 105mm lens. Made of plastic, it even has it’s own cover, looking much like the real lens cover also. A great gift for photo buffs or professionals.  If anything, its a great conversation starter to someone that might see you carrying it around with your favorite drink in it. 
The focusing and zoom rings are a little rubberized.  The switches don’t work, but it looks super real, like a real lens.  

Thursday, July 6, 2017

NutraEdge Shaker Bottle with Blender Ball

Mixing up a protein powder or sports drink mix is pretty easy with the NutraEdge Shaker Bottle with Blender Ball.  The latest bottle I bought, is the NutraEdge Shaker Bottle with Blender Ball that holds 20.5 ounces of liquid.  It seals perfectly and even has a measuring guide on the outside with a readout in ML and ounces.  The “see through” window makes it nice to see how much liquid is inside. The metal blending ball does its job well.  The bottom of the bottle is squared off, so some drink mix or protein powder might get stuck.  It is nice that it is dishwasher safe, so after use, just drop in the dishwasher to be cleaned.  The bottle is made of Polypropylene carbonate (PPC) material. 

If your are looking to purchase this shaker bottle use the link below to order

Note : I was given a discount in return for my review