Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Spruzza Mist System for Staying Cool While Riding

A few months back, friends of mine at Cat-Ears, gave me a Spruzza Mist unit, knowing I live and train in hot desert of Arizona. It is a misting system that is mounted and used on my bike. The bracket can be mounted to the underside of the stem on any bicycles handlebars, road bike, tri bike or even a mountain bike. The weather is getting quite warm now, whether the sun is up or not. Summer is upon us here in the Sonoran Desert. Spruzza is a misting device you squeeze the trigger and allows you to angle the head of the unit so the mist hits your face, neck, or chest, cooling your body down.  The five ounce water reservoir can provide up to 300 squirts of the water mist, so there is plenty usage before having to refill.  After initially setting up the Spruzza on your handlebars, which is very quick and easy to install and comes with all necessary parts to do so. The Spruzza can be removed quickly if you decide you don’t need it for the ride you are going on.  A small “cleat” still stays on the bike with the zip ties attached to it, but the water reservoir and trigger sprayer come off.  The water reservoir is also easy to remove and refill.  The Spruzza delivers a two to three inch diameter spray pattern.  Typically while wearing sunglasses you will want to avoid spraying them, as it will end up to water spots on the lenses. 

When I have sprayed my face it has been while stopped at a light. David at Spruzza provided me with  tubing ( 2 feet or 24 inches, replacing the 4 1/4 inch tube for the five ounce reservoir) and water bottle set up allowing for water to be accessed from your water bottle mounted in the cage on the down tube of your bike.  So now you can add ice to this water bottle, chilling the water down, as well as be able to fill it with 20 ounces of water. So do the quick math and that ends up to 
five ounces being 300 sprays
so 20 ounces would be 1200 sprays.
 This is perfect for those super long hot rides, and you don’t have to worry about refilling as you go. 
The directions said you can expect a cooling of between 15 and 20 degrees. In the desert heat every little bit helps. 

Here is my results of testing the Spruzza, which are not lab certified by any means. 

Readings off my skin and clothes were captured by using a dual laser infrared thermometer and seeing how much they cool down from using the Spruzza. Speed on the bike was about 15 to 20 mph with direct sun hitting me. Outside air temperature was 100F degrees. The water in the Spruzza was 70F degree water to start with. 

Readings from my chest wearing a jersey started off 
at 97F without misting myself and was cooled to 82F after misting. 

The next reading had my jersey at 107F and cooling off to 83F after misting. 

The final reading had my jersey at my chest hitting 103F and 78F after misting with the Spruzza. 
Of course speed and the amount of misting will result in different results. Keep in mind too the humidity in my area is alway pretty low, at the time of testing it was at eight percent. 

*speed and humidity as well as sun/shade while using can change results

Here is a special offer BONUS I am passing along. For the first TEN riders to contact David at  

and purchase a Spruzza Mist unit, David will include a lid and tubing along with zip ties to attach to your own water bottle giving you up to 1200 sprays. This is a great offer you can't pass up. 

With the cooling happening, your body is under less heat stress. Riding or training in hot temperatures will cause your heart rate to increase. This happens as your body will send blood to your skin helping it cool off. Spraying your head, neck and chest with the Spruzza, helps cool the skin making your more comfortable. 

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