Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The LucidBRAKE Bicycle Brake Light

Depending upon its mounted orientation, which side of the octagonal shaped tail light or brake light, is placed upwards as the unit is held vertically. Inside the unit are eight very bright LED’s. The light has four options consisting of 
1. A steady blinking of lights (LED’s flicker in a star like pattern over and over) 
2. a flickering pulse of lights (LED’s light up in a counter clockwise motion)
3. No lights illuminated until braking occurs
4. A dim steady light with all eight LED are lit up.  

This light is a brake light.  With its accelerometer it will blink faster before braking if a hard braking occurred or just illuminate when braking is going on. 
It uses 2 AAA batteries and is turned off or put in a sleep mode by simple placing it face up or face down flat.
When installing the batteries, pay attention to the polarity or + and - of the battery and install them properly. 
The unit comes with a few pieces of an industrial type Velcro, so it can be attached to backpacks or the bike. 

(watch the video above on how I did this)

With the back of the light being flat, I have had a hard time finding or feeling comfortable with attaching it to a flat spot. The numerous helmets I own don’t have flat spot on the back of them nor do I have a flat spot along the back of my bike anywhere. To make it usable on the back of my helmet I have gone ahead and rigged up a velcro strap. It runs inside the unit with the cover off and placed between the batteries. The Velcro strap then runs through two vent holes in the back of my helmet and then around the unit again.  The second time the strap is holding on to the cover of the LucidBRAKE light stays attached. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Protect Life First Aid Kit

The Protect Life First Aid Kit is a great companion to hiking and mountain biking trips. I keep it stored in the truck, so it close for the “just in case”. The kit is full of over 70 items including simple band aid to a glow stick, alcohol pads, compass, whistle, a rain poncho, a solar blanket, scissors and numerous other bandages. Keeping in the trunk so it is close by to for other family outings and sporting events. It is very compact yet chock full of useful first aid essentials. This is a must have for any family on the go. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Taking First Place in my division in a Sprint Triathlon

When it comes down to it, the last year has been a rebuilding of many sorts. First of all my knee. I can hear the doctor telling me clearly before going into surgery. He said he would get me back racing, out on the course. Almost a year later I was able to compete back at full strength. I was excited, as I took first place in my division, finishing about three minutes ahead of the person coming in second. The pool swim, in a heated pool went off as planned. A bunch of athletes ahead of me I had to navigate around. T1 was flawless and fast, with no socks to put on before jumping on the bike. The first of three, five mile loops I eased into a pace and saved a bunch of energy on the into the wind portions. I was able to get some great speed with the disc wheel being pushed along by a great tail wind on a few other portions of the loop. 
I guess I have been putting off "officially" entering a race with limited time for longer training. In the past three months I have been able to really get out and enjoy training that I could squeeze in. I was very excited to get out and race, even though it was just a sprint distance tri. Slept well the night before and felt strong and rested a few days leading up to the weekend.  I want to thank those who have supported me and kept me out training and working out. The foundation to a come back trail has just been put down!


The Town of Gilbert 9th Annual Seville Sports Club Mini & Maxi Sprint Triathlons & Duathlon 

300 YARD SWIM in 6:41
15.4 MILE BIKE in 46:51
2 MILE RUN in 19:55 (seriously, I so need to work on my running) 

with the total being 1:13:26

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Farmers Choice Omega 3 Fish Oil

The 90 count Farmers Choice Omega 3 Fish Oil, soft gel dietary supplement is recommended of 2 soft gels with a meal. This is a premium quality Omega 3 supplement with 1,500mg Omega-3’s per serving.  800mg of EPA and 600mg of DHA. The soft gels go down smoothly, even though they are large. I take Omega 3's to help with stiffness and joint pain, but there are many other reasons to take Omega 3’s including promoting a healthy heart. I know that the best way to get Omega 3's is directly from food sources rich in them, but to make sure I am getting my daily amount I use the supplement. This highly refined fish oil consists of anchovies, mackerel and sardines. The no fish burp, high absorption, is great for heart heath, brain and joint support. This dietary supplement is Gluten free & GMO free. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Zigels Laptop Backpack

The Zigels laptop backpack is well padded for carrying laptops and tablets. First off I like the leather bottom, as I am always setting my backpack on the floor or ground, and having this will extends it life. The backpack has numerous straps on the outside in which a camera tripod could be attached or secured to with. There are also two mesh pouches on either side for water bottles or small items.The 600D polyester material is stiff yet I think will soften up over time. The padded shoulder straps are comfortable and allow for airflow through them. Near the top opening there are a few compartments, small, in which thumb drives or keys can be kept in. Like other laptop backpacks I have had in the past, I wish it had a sturdy carrying handle on the top. The two main compartments of the backpack are roomy.  The zippers seem a little rough at first moving back and forth to open and close like they might come apart or the zipper might fall off the track.  I pay special attention as to not open or close the zippers to fast, as I feel this would separate the zipper from the track. It is a very comfortable and roomy backpack and great padding for carrying a laptop or tablet in. I have a problem with the zippered pouch, they put inside. I don’t care for the metal zipper puller as I believe it will end out scratching something, either the outside of a laptop or the screen of a tablet. The main two pouches measure 16 x 12 inches (main pouch with laptop separator) and the smaller outer pouch with its own zipper is 9 x 8 inches. On the top of the backpack there are two small zippered pockets too, measuring 2 x 6 inches, just big enough for a set of keys but not really a smartphone. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Perform Better, Recover Fast with RecoFit

Perform Better, Recover Fast with RecoFit. RecoFit's calf sleeves and arm coolers will help you do just that. 

The See.Sense 2.0 tail light for cycling

The See.Sense 2.0 tail light is incredible. Increase your safety from behind while riding at night or during the day. 

The See.Sense 2.0, intelligent sense technology, motion gesture control smart tail light with CREE LED’s provides a 180 degree light pattern. The internal battery can last up to 12 hours on a single charge. 
It takes some time in getting used to the motion gestures to set the mode you want to use it in.   
The light Sensing mode is incredible and is the one I use most often, as I am typically sharing the road in the early morning with vehicle traffic.  In the mode, it blinks more frequent and increases its brightness to let cars behind you know your there.  I love this feature, because it increases a drivers attention as they approach you. 
The light is perfect to use obviously at night or early mornings when it is dark outside, but with its bright CREE LED’s it is well suited for daytime use also, bringing that added attention to drivers you share the road with. 

The green light not only lets you know what mode the light is in, but when the device is woken up, or turned on, it blinks up to seven times to let you know the battery level or fuel level.  The more the green light blinks in the start up the more battery power it has. The battery or fuel light also blinks when the device is put to sleep by simply facing the unit downward. This is great because as you shut it down you can see then if you need to recharge it before your next ride.  

The weatherproof light is charged by using a USB cord it comes with. The light comes with two silicone straps for mounting it to the seat post of your bike. It only needs the one strap, the other one it comes with is a spare. 

This smart light kicks into action when you are wanting to get a drivers attention most all of this being done to improve safety on the road. 
I am super impressed with the innovative technology built in the See.Sense 2.0 tail light and would highly recommend it to any rider wanting to increase their safety while sharing the road with vehicle traffic. 

Check them out over at 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

ShivaFit Stretch Strap

The stretch strap by ShivaFit is very good quality stretching strap.  The black outer strap is stiff while the green inner strap has some elasticity to it. Each loop, in which you can put your feet or arms through has coordinating loops and they are easily marked with letters(A,B,C,D and E). I stretch as much as possible, helping with my flexibility and helps me relax. I have even combined using it with my foam roller, helping stretch my muscles as I work on them. 

PurAthlete Power+ and PurAthlete Regenerate+

For the past two weeks I have used both PurAthlete Power+ as well as PurAthlete Regenerate+ . First off the PurAthlete Power+ . The 99 gram container holds 30 servings. It is easy to mix and stays sustained in the water I mixed it with. I consumed the serving before a training workout and felt energized the whole two hours. The supplement contains 270mg or 70 percent of your daily Magnesium. The serving size is 3.3 grams mixed with 10 oz of water. 

The PurAthlete Regenerate+ is a recovery drink. This 180 gram container also contains 30 servings.  The supplement contains 280mg of Magnesium which is also 70 percent of your daily intake. I feel using it, like directed, as a recovery drink I bounce back and am back to myself fast. The serving size is 6 grams mixed with 10 oz of water. 

Both are gentle on my stomach causing NO GI distress or sick feeling in my stomach. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Krazilla Bluetooth Speaker

The Krazilla Bluetooth speaker is small but mighty. This high quality sound speaker can be used one of four ways for outputting your tunes. First off the Bluetooth, which synchs very easily. second is the USB third being the micro USB and lastly the micro SD card (TF Card). It can also be used synched with a smartphone to use as a speakerphone. It has a 45MM driver, producing great high quality sound. It comes with a Y cord with a micro USB at one end which then individually runs one side to a mini 3.5 jack while the other end runs to a full size USB connection. This cord is not only used to hard wire the speaker but charge it too. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Santamedical PM-180 Rechargeable Tens Unit

Santamedical PM-180 Rechargeable Tens (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) for pain treatment and relief, Unit Electronic Pulse Massager a great TENS unit which is rechargeable.  After sticking the pads on the body part you are wanting to treat, arms, neck, back, legs, knees, or feet. The unit sends painless electrical signals through the electrodes to the nerves under your skin. I like the length of each set of cords on this unit as they are not restricting to where they can be placed on your body. I use the unit for treating sore muscles and increase recovery time from strenuous activity. I love the numerous modes it can be placed in along with the timer that counts down and shuts off automatically.