Wednesday, July 1, 2015

CycleBeam’s Proton 700 Lumen Bike Helmet Light

CycleBeam’s Proton 700 Lumen Bike Helmet Light

 Helmet Mount 
 Proton 700
 Battery Pack / Cords / Emergency Charger
Power Button Glows Green

CycleBeam’s Proton 700 Lumen bike helmet light is a LED CREE XM-L2  which is enclosed in an aircraft-grade aluminum housing which is water-proof. Being housed in aluminum it allows for the light to dissipate heat, helping increase the length the battery before recharging. Weighing about 167 Gram ( 50 Gram — light + 117 Gram — battery) it is very comfortable mounted on top of the bike helmet. It’s single button control is easy to use in any of the six modes ( high, medium, low, strobe, SOS and off). The battery level is shown in the button with is glowing green when the battery is full and red when it is low. With the output of the light set on high, emitting a full 650-700 Lumen the battery will last about two and a half hours. 
The light mounts very easily to the helmet mount using a rubber ring, which in turn is easily attached running it through a few air vents in the helmet and centering the light.  When mounted the light is able to be adjusted up and down allowing the rider to light the path more in front of them or up close. 
Straps also come along to strap the battery to your helmet, however after a long ride any weight added to the helmet is unnecessary.  A 40 inch power extension comes with the light, allowing you to place the battery pack in your jersey pocket or ride pack. 
The light is very impressive for its size and the quality of the beam is sweet. 

Besides using the USB connector to charge the battery back, it can be used in an emergency as a power bank for your smart phone or other device. It takes awhile for the battery to charge so keep this in mind before wanting to use the light. 

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