Friday, September 28, 2012

RumbleRoller to the Rescue

I'll start this post with a riddle. 

 What has 200 thumbs and should never be passed by?  You give up?

 Well its the RumbleRoller and it has seriously changed my recovery routine.  I'm a real believer in "the stick" as it too has helped in my warm-ups and recovery. After giving the RumbleRoller a spin I was able to dig deep into the muscle tissue into my nagging IT - Band with my body weight. I have been pain free from an injury from last winter.....finally.  I must say, my masseuse does not know I have been cheating on her.  And if she found out she wouldn't want to see me anymore.  All I can say is, Dang, she is going to miss me. I have found something much better than any massage therapist could do.  I have started using the RumbleRoller, and holy cow, it is AWESOME.  Sure, I still use "The Stick", but for treating my IT Band troubles, the RumbleRoller is just what the doctor ordered.  I have used it on my lower body (hamstrings, calves and quads). Working it on my upper and lower back feels great, although those with back issues may find it uncomfortable.  So what is the RumbleRoller? It a type of foam roller with little knobs, which act like thumbs of a massage therapist, but better.  The roller comes in two types of densities which is indicated by the color, blue or black.  It's also is made in two different sizes for those wanting to possibly use it to travel with. 

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