Friday, September 28, 2012

RumbleRoller to the Rescue

I'll start this post with a riddle. 

 What has 200 thumbs and should never be passed by?  You give up?

 Well its the RumbleRoller and it has seriously changed my recovery routine.  I'm a real believer in "the stick" as it too has helped in my warm-ups and recovery. After giving the RumbleRoller a spin I was able to dig deep into the muscle tissue into my nagging IT - Band with my body weight. I have been pain free from an injury from last winter.....finally.  I must say, my masseuse does not know I have been cheating on her.  And if she found out she wouldn't want to see me anymore.  All I can say is, Dang, she is going to miss me. I have found something much better than any massage therapist could do.  I have started using the RumbleRoller, and holy cow, it is AWESOME.  Sure, I still use "The Stick", but for treating my IT Band troubles, the RumbleRoller is just what the doctor ordered.  I have used it on my lower body (hamstrings, calves and quads). Working it on my upper and lower back feels great, although those with back issues may find it uncomfortable.  So what is the RumbleRoller? It a type of foam roller with little knobs, which act like thumbs of a massage therapist, but better.  The roller comes in two types of densities which is indicated by the color, blue or black.  It's also is made in two different sizes for those wanting to possibly use it to travel with. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Off the road and on the trail

Saturday morning I hit the trails instead of the road.  I rode in McDowell Mountain Regional Park, just north of Fountain Hills here in AZ.  It has been awhile since I rode my mountain bike.  I had it set up with slicks using it on my rollers for indoor workouts at home.  I put some new rubber on the rims and set out on the 10.1 mile outer loop.  In early November, I have been asked to be the fourth member of a team which will ride the course for 24 hours, always having one of our riders on the trail.  The loop was a great workout I did with two other guys that morning.  It really opened my eyes to what mountain bike riding is again.  Always changing gears and using the brakes.  Having to stay totally focused on the terrain and trying to be predictive of whats around the next turn.  The trail is very nice. Cacti, trees, and jagged rocks are all part of the sometimes narrow trail.  I have a lot  to learn on the trail before race day.  It will be a lot of fun.  So with my mountain bike training on the one weekend day, it still leaves the other for road riding by myself or with a group.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Great ride with a new group

Last weekend I rode with a new cycling shop group of about 35 riders.  The riders were of all ages and levels, and I was just looking to get some quality miles in riding along with a group.  It was a great workout and met some nice folks.  The ride started out a little slow, but that was perfect. I rode to the shop as they left from there.  Cooler weather has moved into Arizona making the ride more fun. The rain we have been having has moved a lot of debris and sand into the bike lanes around town, so I expected to get a flat.  I rode with no issues.  I had ridden the roads on the course before so I knew the inclines we would come across.  The group stopped a few times to regroup.  I am looking to ride with this group again.  After doing their course and adding some of my own miles on, I ended up just shy of 45.5 miles on the day.  I felt great in the saddle and the rehab I have been doing on my IT Band has helped.