Tuesday, June 14, 2016

currexSole insole

I have used and loved and have come to depend on these currexSoles to support and cushion my feet while both running and walking. 

Needing and wanting to increase the comfort and performance of my running shoes I have replaced the liner inside with a currexSole insole, the RunPro with high profile to be exact. The majority of shoe manufactures simply just put a liner inside, as much of what they have designed is the outer shoe. Everyone’s foot, from the bottom, to the arch to the top is all different. First off, using the proper size to fit the inside of your shoe is a must.  The toe end of the insole can be trimmed with a scissors if needed. I have found the best way to measure this is to use the liner that came in the shoe to give a good estimate of how much, if any needs to be trimmed for the currexSole insole to fit properly. The currexSole insoles are designed with dynamic arch technology, shock absorption as well as heel fit and moisture/odor control. They are not stiff like other insoles on the market.  Much research and development go into currexSole insoles. 


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