Saturday, April 23, 2016

Lean Greens Supplement


I’ve had the chance to use Lean Greens, an impressive great tasting supplement, for the past three weeks or so. This 60 calories per serving, with 2 grams of protein, is very easy to mix with water.  I have used it with just mixing with water and the taste is really good. Besides greens, the supplement contains Maltodextrin and stevia leaf extract (to add a little bit of sweetness). So what are the “greens” inside this powder? Spinach, wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, chlorella, carrot powder, spirulina, brocolli, blueberry extract, blackcurrant extract as well as Siberian ginseng and green tea are all part of the powdered supplement. I believe this supplement is perfect for those that are vegetarian. The powdered supplement is very fine and inside the canister is a easy to measure teaspoon scoop. I have mixed it using just a spoon with water and have even used it in the blender to mix it up really well. I like the water very cold, or even thrown in a few ice cubes if mixing it inside the blender.  I have had no stomach issues while using the Lean Greens.  Adding three teaspoons to a glass of water is all it takes for adding these powered greens to a quick healthy drink.   

The supplement can be ordered on by going to here  LEAN GREENS 

I have even mixed the Lean Greens in with fruit, two strawberries or a few pieces of a peach and other type of smoothies, although the instructions say to drink right away after mixing. The flavor alone of the Lean Greens is great, I just like to add a little more natural sweetness to the supplement. 

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