Tuesday, December 15, 2015

CycleBeam’s Graphene 700 Bike Light

This very rugged little handlebar light with external battery back is very bright and light weight.  The CREE XM-L2 LED bulb can be used in one of three modes. Yes, this light has only one LED, but a very powerful one. High, low and blinking. With the light running on high, the battery will last approximately five hours. While using the light on low power it could last up to 15 hours.  The durable light is built of an aluminum and is water resistant, however it should not be submerged in water. If the light should get wet, say by rain, you will be ok. The cord running from the light to the battery pack has a screw ring on it, once snapped with the connection, screw the water resistant cap to make the connection secure. With the light being made of aluminum, it dissipates heat very well. The battery back has a case with velcro straps, allowing it to be attached to the top bar of the bike. For mounting the light, it attaches to an aluminum clamp.  The kit comes with two hex key tools, one is used to attach the light to the clamp and the other is to tighten the clamp after attaching it to your handlebar. It comes with a few different size pieced of rubber stripping that seat under the clamp to make a tight grip on the handlebar. Both the power cable from the light and from the battery are pretty long. Of course the light can be plugged into the battery that comes with it but it also has a feature that allows you to, if needed, to used an external battery with a USB attachment to plug into it. 
The kit comes with some seals for the light as well as rubber strips to use when attaching it to the handlebars.  Once tightened on the handlebar, it is very sturdy and it can handle all the shaking and bumping around. Minor adjustments to where you want to the light pointed are not possible unless you loosen the bolt and reposition it with the hex key. Set the light up with the direction you want it pointed before heading off on a ride.
For night riding and being able to light up a trail or path, this light does very well.

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