Thursday, October 15, 2015

The See.Sense 2.0 tail light for cycling

The See.Sense 2.0 tail light is incredible. Increase your safety from behind while riding at night or during the day. 

The See.Sense 2.0, intelligent sense technology, motion gesture control smart tail light with CREE LED’s provides a 180 degree light pattern. The internal battery can last up to 12 hours on a single charge. 
It takes some time in getting used to the motion gestures to set the mode you want to use it in.   
The light Sensing mode is incredible and is the one I use most often, as I am typically sharing the road in the early morning with vehicle traffic.  In the mode, it blinks more frequent and increases its brightness to let cars behind you know your there.  I love this feature, because it increases a drivers attention as they approach you. 
The light is perfect to use obviously at night or early mornings when it is dark outside, but with its bright CREE LED’s it is well suited for daytime use also, bringing that added attention to drivers you share the road with. 

The green light not only lets you know what mode the light is in, but when the device is woken up, or turned on, it blinks up to seven times to let you know the battery level or fuel level.  The more the green light blinks in the start up the more battery power it has. The battery or fuel light also blinks when the device is put to sleep by simply facing the unit downward. This is great because as you shut it down you can see then if you need to recharge it before your next ride.  

The weatherproof light is charged by using a USB cord it comes with. The light comes with two silicone straps for mounting it to the seat post of your bike. It only needs the one strap, the other one it comes with is a spare. 

This smart light kicks into action when you are wanting to get a drivers attention most all of this being done to improve safety on the road. 
I am super impressed with the innovative technology built in the See.Sense 2.0 tail light and would highly recommend it to any rider wanting to increase their safety while sharing the road with vehicle traffic. 

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