Friday, December 19, 2014

Super Bright Rim LED Lights

Long Lasting Super Bright Rim LED Lights 

Check out the light in action is this short video.  It gives a quick tutorial on installing them too.
Video link to YouTube 

The easy to install Super Bright Rim LED Lights not only are cool but increase your safety being seen in the dark by vehicles. Simply remove the valve cap and replace with a cap that allows you to insert the light.  Simple as that. It fits schrader valves and comes in three different colors, Green, Blue and White.  Mix and match on your wheels.  Each LED is powered by three AG10 (or equivalent) button cell batteries. The batteries should last about 50,000 hours as they are only active when the wheel is spinning. With the light attached to your wheel stem the force of the wheel spinning creates the force pushing the batteries down activating the light. Your now very visible while riding your bike from the side!  

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