Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Orange Mud HydraQuiver™

The HydraQuiver by Orange Mud
Hydration is a must when doing any endurance activity especially in the Arizona heat. While competing in a race sure there are water stations, but not while out training, unless you plan the perfect route. Even while out on a race course, I like to wear my own water, then I can simply have access to it when ever I want.  I am not a fan of holding things while I run, scissors included.  I don't like to wear belts around my waist holding small bottles either.  While training, I used to wear the belt with bottles but often I would be running and the bottles in the front would pop out.  I tried using backpacks with bladder systems in them and those became a pain to fill, then store upright before a run. Not to mention the hassle of washing the bladder out afterwards. Once on a mountain bike ride, I had the mouth piece get stuck open and literally throughout the 15 mile ride lost all my electrolyte drink, as it slowly dripped down my legs and bike frame.  So enough of what I am not impressed with but onto what works and I love. The HydraQuiver™ made by Orange Mud.  The HydraQuiver™ uses the same plastic bottle, 24 ounce or 20 ounce bottles that are common to fit in a bike cage or a cup holder in a car.  I have a lot of these bottles at home, so grabbing one is easy and I'm out the door. In the summer, I store a few in the freezer half frozen with water or my favorite HoneyMaxx drink.  The zippered pocket right behind the bottle is roomy enough to hold energy gels, keys, cell phones, money.  It's excellent for long runs in which I am doing now preparing for a marathon this summer.  The bottle is easy to reach and is easy to replace. Just a simple swap of bottles and your off and running again. There is a adjustable velcro strap on the bottom of the bottle holder, which is very nice if you want to switch to a bottle that may be a little taller and you don't want it riding so high in the holder. The pack itself rides high on my back so it does not bounce with my stride and is super comfortable with the padding built in.  It has a clip inside the zippered pack for your keys, making them faster to find in the pack.  It also has an earphone port, for those that run wearing music.  On both shoulder straps there are velcro enclosed pouches for more storage if needed for storing energy gels or bars which are very easy to reach. The strap pouches can even fit a large cell phone, such as mine that is pretty large at 2.5 inches by 5 inches big.  The HydraQuiver™ is very comfortable and is a must have for any runner or outdoor enthusiast. Orange Mud put a lot of thought when designing this hydration pack.  For those going longer distances or use a lot of fluid, they even have the HydraQuiver™Double Barrel, which can hold two bottles.  Check out the photos I've posted showing off the awesome features of this well designed hydration / fuel pack and more. 

Clip inside the pack and access for earphone cord. 

Adjustable velcro strap allowing for different size bottles. 

Adjustable velcro strap allowing for different size bottles. 

Padding and strap pouches.

Strap pouch

The HydraQuiver is made in the USA and was designed by Josh Sprague the CEO of Orange Mud.

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