Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The RumbleRoller Beastie

Over the past year I have been using the RumbleRoller foam roller to get me back on the road after an IT band injury.  After using and seeing how it worked, I started using the RumbleRoller for self-myofascial release or SMR on different muscle groups and areas to increase my flexibility, relieve stiffness and decrease my recovery time from workouts and/or training sessions. 
I started using the RumbleRoller Beastie just recently and am benefiting from the numerous ways they can be used and set up. To begin with, you may ask what is a Beastie. The Beastie is like a spiked dog toy, yet made specially for SMR. It's a deep tissue massage ball. Some people have used tennis balls or golf balls to do similar types of SMR but what these items lack is flexible bumps that are needed to reach into tough areas. Beasties come in two varieties. The clear one, what is called the Original Beastie, has 30 bumps that will dig deep into your muscle tissue and target those trigger points or problem areas. The green one, called the X-Firm Beastie, has the same amount of bumps yet like its name says, is more firm. Caution needs to be used when starting any kind of session with any of these items. If used the wrong way or too aggressive they can cause bruising or lingering pain and you should stop.
The Beasties can be used freely or a base is also available.  The base holds the 
Beastie for more controlled use.  With the Beastie in the base, it now can be attached to the Beastie Wall System.  The ball can be adjusted to any height allowing now for you to now lean into the Beastie from the side depending on where on the body you are focusing on treating. 
As if the Beasties on their own were not good enough, there is also a Beastie Bar available. This is a rolling stick type of massage tool with two X-Firm Beasties permanently attached to the center of the bar. It comes with stands allowing for hands free use by setting on the ground or attaching to the Beastie Wall System.  With the bar attached to the wall you can now focus on areas of the back, legs or arms.       

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