Monday, June 12, 2017


Proud to be representing and using Activ5 allowing me to exercise anywhere.  Along with my cardio, cycling, running and swimming, using the Activ5 makes for quick yet effective workout.  I have even showed it to my 10 year-old son, using the Activ5 device.  Paired through bluetooth to my smartphone, select a workout ranging from upper body, lower body, toning, yoga and pilates, as well as abs, butt and leg workouts. For busy travelers there are even workouts on the app geared towards using in small spaces such as a car or airplane and finally hotel workouts.  All these isometric exercises have easy to follow directions and images, showing a model using the device and where to place it for the exercise. The first time you do a specific exercise you will set your “max power” and the app will then contour the exercise according to that setting. 
Before performing any of the exercise you can reset your max power output.  
At the end of each exercise is give you a report on how you performed that exercise.  Your max power in pounds and how much weight can be compared to that you just lifted. The muscle control you had in a percentage. 
The little, very portable, device is powered with one AAA battery. 
The device works off of applying pressure, sometimes on both sides of the device, others just pressing down, applying pressure to the one side, depending upon the exercise being performed.  During each exercise you apply more pressure making the marker rise on the app, and apply less pressure to make it lower.  The only setting adjustment I needed to make to my smartphone was the timeout length.  I was running in to my smartphone falling asleep during my workout.  I have now taken care of this and the Activ5 device is great. 
These isometric exercises contract particular muscles or groups of muscles. The muscle doesn't noticeably change length and the affected joint doesn't move. 
Besides the Activ5 app, there are other apps (games) out in the iTunes or Google Play stores. Involve the kids in these exercises paired with the games and they will have no idea they are helping tone their muscles. 

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