Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rumble Roller's GATOR

(No Live Animals Inside the box)

In celebration of National Foam Rolling Day, I wanted to share this with everyone. The best way to relax and recover is with a foam roller.  The Rumble Roller line of myofascial release products is the answer.  Recently Rumble Roller released their GATOR.   Its small “teeth” grip the skin for a very soothing cross-friction massage. The Rumble Roller Gator is a heavy duty deep tissue roller unlike your typical foam roller.  I use it to help in recovery after training or racing. It’s versatile in the areas of the body. I tend to use it mainly on my lower body targeting my hamstrings, quadriceps, calves and glutes.  After riding my glutes tend to tighten up and using the roller to help those muscles recover.  After a long run and on recovery days, rolling my calves.  Adding a little more pressure at times, I cross legs, at the calf, with only one of them on the roller to treat tight muscles.  There is a difference in the regular Rumble Roller and the GATOR and swap them from time to time.  A great way to release tight back and shoulders, I slowly and deliberately lay down on the roller, rolling on it from my neck down to my mid back.  Then switch up things and roll is still on my back, going sideways, from my left shoulder blade to my right shoulder blade.  If gravity or too much pressure is being applied, you can always roll it up way, like a cat on a post. 

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