Thursday, April 13, 2017

U-GYM PRO with discount code for ordering

Along with foam rolling and ice treatments I often combine using a TENS unit (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) to increase healing or help recover from either a day to day workout or injury. 
U-GYM PRO is a portable deep tissue massage device that I use to effectively treat my sore muscles. The U-GYM PRO digital massage mimics massage technique. Connected through Bluetooth, you can control the device through an APP. 

Four modes of operation. 

The device comes with two different lengths of cord as well as using the device with two pads or all four pads.  The APP’s modes are 1. Multipurpose 2. Padding 3. Relaxing and finally 4. Exercising. Yes during exercise you can use this device to help contract the muscle you are working out.  On the unit itself, you can determine the intensity as well as on the APP. 

I would love for you too to use the U-GYM also and increase your recovery time and increase the intensity of your workouts. U-GYM is offering a 5% discount when you use the

discount code 


 when ordering at

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