Wednesday, March 29, 2017

AirStreamz™ by Cat-Ears

A year ago, my family and I traveled to Boulder, Colorado, home of Cat-Ears.  While there my family and I got a tour of the facility where they not only hand make the cycling helmet devices but test and research improving the product. 

News out of Boulder, Colorado is Cat-Ears highly researched and proven product AirStreamz™ is out and available to everyone. 

These devices simply attach with the Velcro® strips sewn on the inside. The two AirStreamz™ are not left or right helmet side specific, and full detailed instructions on how to install them are on the package. They fold around your helmet strap placing them right in front of your ear. I see a lot of people, first off with their helmets not fitted or strapped on properly. 

The effectiveness of the AirStreamz™ doing their job correctly stems from your helmet and straps being worn properly. Placing the AirStreamz™ on your helmets straps greatly reduces wind noise, allowing you to hear fellow riders or traffic around you, keeping you ultimately safer. Also they are most effective when your helmets strap is on the inside of your sunglasses or regular glasses temple. They are hand-made in Boulder, Colorado, USA and are a must for any cyclist of any age, road riders or mountain bike riders. They are washable by hand and best dried by just placing flat letting them air dry. The pile material is soft.  
Cat-Ears are the worlds best selling noise reducing product for cycling.  The product is even 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

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