Monday, March 6, 2017

ShinTEKK, Make having shin splints a thing of the past.


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So here is what the ShinTEKK is all about. 

Make having shin splints a thing of the past.

I can recall a long time ago when I first started running. Way back in my high school days.  I remember having shin splints so bad I could barely walk home from a run. I felt as though I would have crawled home faster but walked super slow. 
I have not suffered from shin splints since then and really hope to never have to again.  
The ShinTEKK is just what the doctor ordered. Or well sort of. When it comes to strengthening and stretching the front of the lower let, the shin, the ShinTEKK it the right call. The ShinTEKK Performance Pack comes with the full range of resistance bungee cords as well as a backpack. The backpack is not only a great way to transport or store the ShinTEKK but has extra room for a few water bottles and a light jacket. 

There are eight different tensions of bungee cords to use. Each is a different color and vary in tension from the lightest or easiest being 3.5 pounds up to the hardest being 15 pounds. 

The first three are considered Rehab tensions

Blue = 3. 5 pounds

Green = 4.5 pounds 

Purple = 5.5 pounds

The next three are considered Performance tensions 

Bright Yellow = 6 pounds 

Red = 8 pounds

Black = 10 pounds

The last two are considered Advanced tensions 

Grey = 13 pounds

Yellow Gold = 15 pounds 

Attach the appropriate bungee cord and perform 10 to 12 exercises pulling the front of your foot upwards. It can be done either standing or sitting.  
All the exercises with the ShinTEKK are helping to work the

Tibialls anterior
Extensor digitorum longus
Extensor hallucis longus
and the 
Fibularis tertius

all muscles in the lower front part of the leg 

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