Tuesday, December 6, 2016

STRYD Running Power Meter

The STRYD running power based training system for runners. 
Find out how much power in watts you are creating while running. The footpod easily charges with the charging station you place the pod onto. I have been told you should only need to charge the pod once a month. This can differ though. Synch it with your smartphone and the STRYD app.

The center of the pod turns orange as is sits on top of the charging device. 

  I have the app on my smartphone, synched with BLE, and there it tracks my watts, time, average mile pace, incline, distance and steps per minute. I also have the STRYD footpad synched with my Suunto Ambit 2S. The initial set up, I had to pair the ANT+ device to the watch. In the fields also I activated the FOOTPOD and POWERPOD.  One of the screens I have it rotate through, I have the power in watts show up, so I know up the the second the power I am putting out while running. The STRYD power pod attaches and is worn on the shoe laces. 

In my training I use the STRYD Power Pod to let me know the effort being applied to my running / workouts.  
When connected to the STRYD Power Center you can analyze numerous aspects of your run and the data the pod collected. 

Statistics that appear in the Power Center after a workout wearing the STRYD Running Power Meter.

Leg Spring and Form Power, both of these I need to work on to get more efficient. 

Connects with Garmin, Suunto, Training Peaks, Strava, and 2Peak programs. 

Showing it here connecting to my Suunto account. 

To help increase my running efficiency I am looking at improving my leg spring stiffness, less energy to propel me forward.  In the case of the STRYD Power Pod meter the higher the number the better. (Yes, I need to work on this a ton.)  Also form power goes hand in hand with this. Lowering my form power number is what I aim to do also. The lower the number the better. 
Power meters are used in and have been used cycling and they are too used in running with STRYD. 

I am looking to do the Critical Power Test from the www.stryd.com/powercenter in the next week. 

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Paul Jones said...

You've put the Stryde facing the wrong way on your shoe. Should be narrow end facing forward. Not sure what difference it will make?