Friday, December 2, 2016

New Wave Swim Buoy -- Be Bright, Be Seen!

Have you ever wanted to improve your safety open water (lake) swimming either with yourself or with a group?
Let's face it, open water swimming is a great workout.  Swimming in open water is difficult to get comfortable with and still at any moment, one can get into a panic situation.  Some swimmers, while out in the water, might even get a cramp and need to rest. Knowing and using the New Wave Swim Buoy attached to you while open water swimming and close by will relieve some mental stress.

 This floating buoy has a chamber inside for your belongings as well as an air chamber you inflate before using. Stash your belongings inside the dry bag compartment, so your belongings won't be messed with, by leaving them on the shore. The New Wave Swim Buoy is not a substitute for having lifeguards or kayakers around while swimming in open water. Also having the brightly colored (this one is a neon green, but they also some in other bright colors) buoy nearby while swimming increasing the safety around boaters. 

The buoy is easy to inflate. Simply unscrew the valve, inflate by blowing into it, then tighten down the screw valve to keep the air inside. I store my belongings into the dry bag chamber before inflating. 
The New Wave Swim Buoy does not hinder your swimming stroke or kicking yet is nearby incase of emergency. The inflatable buoy simply attaches to a belt on your waist and is pulled along effortlessly behind you.  The waist belt is adjustable as so it the leash attached to the buoy. The New Wave Swim Buoy’s waist belt can even be worn over the top of your wetsuit. With wetsuits being black, in some cases depending upon the water conditions, it is very difficult to see a swimmer in the water. 
Inside the New Wave Swim Buoy dry bag chamber is big enough to take along your keys, nutrition, GPS and even a small towel for drying off with when you get out of the water.  Valuables you would not want to leave on the shore or in a car. The bright color attracts attention to you being in the water to boaters, jet skis, and other hazards. It is made of PVC and with care can last a long time. Rinse the New Wave Swim Buoy with clean water and store properly when your not using it. The New Wave Swim Buoy comes in two sizes. Either the 15 liter or 20 liter. The size depends on the weight of swimmer. They New Wave Swim Buoy also comes in TPU material, safe for use in swimming pools with chemicals. 

The New Wave Swim Buoy is not a life saving device. 

Wearing a bright swim cap while in the water can also draw attention and alert others where you are in the water.

Check them out and order yours.  Increase your safety in the open water. 

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New Wave Swim Buoy 

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