Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Timber Mountain Bike Bell

The TIMBER Mountain Bike Bell

First off, I obey the rules of the trail. I yield to both hikers as well as horse riders, who I may come across while out riding on the trail. I don’t use a signaling device to tell others on the trail to get out of my way, but use the device to alert them that, I too am sharing the trail with them. 
The Timber Mountain Bike Bell is a very different and innovative bell.  This miniature cow bell is able to be turned off and on with the simple slide of a switch. No batteries required as the bell is powered by the motion of your bike and handlebars. The bell is used by turning it on well before you think you would need to alert someone ahead on the trail. Therefore they start to hear the bell off in the distance, slowly alerting them to your presence. This gives them time to react.  Other bells or signaling devices you typically use as you are close to the person. The bell is easily attached to the handlebars of either diameter size 22mm or 35mm as it comes with the needed quick release rubber O-rings.  With the different size bar attachments, and some bars thicker towards the stem and smaller towards the grips, you can determine the best place to mount the bell. The loud, not annoying bell, is a great bell and really the perfect bell for mountain biking, hands down. Easy to activate with the use of your thumb and can be attached to your handlebar on either the right or left side. 

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