Friday, November 4, 2016


MedZone’s PainZone is just what sore muscles after a tough workout are looking for.  

The roll on applicator makes application a breeze and not messy. The active ingredient in the PainZone is a combination of three ingredients. Camphor, at 3 percent,  Menthol at 12 percent and Methyl Salicyate at 20 percent warming the area on the skin. The rub is not thick, keeping in mind it is dispensed through a roller ball applicator.  I have used this numerous times on the back of my neck as well as around my knees.  

MedZone’s ChafeZone is great for areas on your body where friction will hurt the skin.  The no mess applicator stick makes it great for applying to the back of the neck (for rubbing wetsuit) or heel to prevent rubbing in my shoe. It is moisture resistant and is not affected by sweat or water. The main active ingredient is dimethicone. 
2 1/4 inches wide is the applicator width.  

MedZone’s BlisterZone is almost like ChafeZone yet I feel is geared more toward feet and hands. Anytime there is friction in your shoes/socks, gloves a blister is bound to form. Using BlisterZone will help alleviate the friction from happening in the first place.  The main active ingredient is dimethicone. 1 and 3/4 inches wide is the applicator width. 

All of MedZone’s products have a very non-over powering scent except for the PainZone with it’s calming and relaxing camphor and menthol scents. 

These products work and do a great job protecting your skin. 

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