Tuesday, January 10, 2017

TraxFactory’s Hot Sockee’s, Keep Your Toes and Feet Warm

Keep your toes warm inside your cycling shoes.

There is nothing worse than being cold, let alone your feet or toes. Hot Sockee’s are the answer.  They really don't take up that much room inside your shoe. Thinner than wearing an extra pair of socks and just like socks, the neoprene is washable.  I would not place in the dryer but let air dry. 

Winter rides are here and heres the perfect way to keep your toes from getting cold while out riding. 
I am not a fan of cycling shoe covers, they seem to be a hassle to put on. If you like to switch up your riding from road to mountain bike trails, you have to purchase a separate set of covers for each type of riding shoe. Not so with TraxFactory’s Hot Sockee’s. These neoprene foot/toe covers slip on over your sock, then you slide your foot into your road cycling or mountain bike shoe and your off. They allow your feet to breathe yet keep out the drafty air rushing through the front of your shoe. Order the correct size for your shoe size. They will extend from the tip of your toes to about just past your foots arch. 

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