Monday, May 30, 2016

Kids Mountain Bike Riding at Usery Mountain Regional Park, Mesa, AZ

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

REM-Fit Active Tracker

A lot of people wear some kind of activity device. They help calculate your steps taken and calories burned each day.  I have the honor to represent and wear the REM-Fit Active tracker. This one like many out there pairs with Bluetooth on your smartphone. Its a simple bracelet with the unit inside or it can be worn on the belt in a different carrier.  I look forward to sharing more about this tracker soon. Check back. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Finally, a sweet running belt that fits larger cell phones

The Sanren running belt is one of the only ones I have found on the market that actually really hold a larger cell phone. Inside the main zippered pouch there is a divider so you can keep gels, mp3 players, keys, etc. separated. The belt is adjustable and fits very securely once adjusted properly. There are a few smaller pockets on either side of the main zippered pocket that allowed you to hold smaller items. There is a velcro flap over the one side, securing your belongings inside. The main zippered pocket has a ear-phone jack port, to feed your headphone wires through if needed. The outside of the running belt, has a reflective stripe, so those running at night can be seen by traffic. This is a very well made and thought out running belt. 

Here is a link to find out more and order your own running belt   Sanren Running Belt 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Focusing on strength workout while doing cardio

My training is going well for completing my own, self-supported Ironman distance race in October of this year. Along with my running, swimming and cycling, I have really focused on strength workouts I am doing every other day. The weights I am using are not super heavy. The weight fluctuates, depending on the body part being focused on, from 10 pounds up to 40 pounds. In the almost hour long workout I am working on my legs, shoulders, chest, abs as well as biceps and triceps.  The reps are pretty high for each body part being worked on.  I am looking at continuing this workout for the next few months combined with the regular training workouts. 
My HR averages to about 115 BPM burning just under 500 calories. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


2016 Run, Walk, Crawl Challenge complete!  I was going to give everyone a bonus 3 mile run as the training I have scheduled for myself should be more than enough to complete the challenge again. There are numerous runs that were not included in the original post, as I did not have my GPS on to document that I, indeed did complete the distance for each and every person who challenged me.  

  1. Optical Bob   3 mile run on 1/8/2016
  2. Russ D.          5 mile run on 1/9/2016
  3. Michelle B.    3 mile run on 1/10/2016
  4. Scott H.    3.25 mile run on 1/13/2016
  5. Karla C.                                                 
  6. Susie W.        6 mile run on 1/14/2016 
  7. Erica D.         3.16 mile run on 1/19/2016
  8. Patricia M.        3.11 mile run on 1/22/2016
  9. Nicole M.                                                  
  10.  Diane C.          6.14 mile run on 1/24/2016
  11. Jennifer P.       3.06 mile run on 1/26/2016
  12. Delinda W.                                                  
  13. Nicole B.        6.11 mile run on 1/28/2016
  14. John S.               4 mile run 0n 1/31/2016 
  15. Ginger S.                                                        
  16. Michael G.           6.05 mile run on 2/3/2016 
  17. Toru K.                   3 mile run on  2/5/2015
  18. Anne M.            3.01 mile run on 3/19/2016
  19. Tara L.                 3.05 mile run on 4/3/2016