Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Keep Sweat from Dripping in Your Eyes this Summer!

The Sweat Buster replaces your old pad(s) and sits right under the lip of the helmet.
Before removing the old pads to install the Sweat Buster
Everything you need for installation comes with the kit. 
Four small Velcro circles hold the Sweat Buster in place. 

Summer is just around the corner.  Here in Arizona it means hotter temperatures, even when the sun is not up.  Sweat is not normally a problem, as it tents to dry pretty fast as you move through the air. Until you are forced to stop at a red light, then it's like a fire hose filled with water drips down my face. To stop sweat from dripping down my face or down my sunglasses I have installed the super awesome Sweat Buster from TraxFactory.com.  Getting sweat in your eyes makes it pretty difficult to keep your eyes on the trail or road. Installing the Sweat Buster is super easy to swap out your old bike helmet pads, inside, and replace them with the Sweat Buster. The 10 and 1/2 inch super absorbent microfiber pad will do the trick. The pad hides just inside the lip of your bike helmet and is held in place with four small Velcro circles. Being stuck only with Velcro, the pad can be removed and washed anytime. The pad is small enough not to interfere with the air vents in the front of your helmet so the vents on the front of your helmet will still be keeping you cool while moving through the air. Every so often I throw the pad in the laundry with my cycling gear, which I don't use fabric softener with, as it takes wicking properties away from the microfiber pad, and lessens the life of your Spandex gear. I am not a fan of wearing a cap or anything else under my helmet when I ride, so the Sweat Buster is the perfect answer for soaking up sweat before it ends up on my sunglasses. 

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