Sunday, January 31, 2016

First month completed with Ironman training

The first months training is finished. I have struggled to keep all my swim workouts, but with summer just around the corner, that should not be a problem. More pools will be open and hours will be increased to get my much needed laps in. All three disciplines are going well and the weight training workouts are great. A few challenging drills here and there. I have even had my daughter and son join in on some of the indoor workouts.  I think my daughters favorite is burpees and wall sits.  I feel my running is getting better, although a lot of my workouts have been kept in my Heart Rate of  Zone 2.  I started off on the indoor rollers, as the weather started off cold, but have been able to get miles in on the road as of lately. A few pounds have been lost and I can see more being lost along the way training.  I thank my family for working with me and helping me to obtain this goal.  If you care to join me on a ride, a run or even a swim in the pool let me know. If you are willing to help me out on my race day, I would love that too.  I am in the beginning stages of mapping out my course.

140.6 I'm coming for YOU! 

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