Monday, October 5, 2015

iPro-Max Professional Lavalier Microphone (for use with smartphones or Apple computers)

Using a DSLR to capture sound is difficult. As a lot of DSLR’s are not know for their quality sound recording. Some cameras don’t even allow for an external microphone to be plugged in to the. That is where the iPro-Max comes in to play and is very affordable. Using a lavalier microphone to capture an interview or a person in a video farther away from a shotgun mic mounted on the camera, is one of the best ways. Sound for any video is very crucial. You don't have a good video, unless it has great audio.
 How is the iPro-Max different?
First off, it uses something pretty much everyone has already, a smartphone, either being Apple iPhone or Android.  The voice recorder that came on my Samsung S5 was okay, but I searched around the Google Play store for a better app to record sound/voice. The small lapel mic is uni-directional, therefore capturing only the persons voice your are talking to or interviewing. It won’t pick up background noise. The microphone comes with two sponge windscreens and two clips, an upper clip for the mic head and a cord clip that can be used farther down the cord. 
It simply plugs directly into where your headset would be plugged in, using its 3.5mm stereo plug and for those with Samsung or other Android operating smartphones using the Smart Conversion Adaptor Cable. Place your phone in “airplane” mode so notifications or phone calls will interrupt your audio track being recorded. 
Depending upon the recording program you are using on your smartphone, simply download or send the file to your computer and insert the sound file into your video production. There you have it a very simple and efficient way to improve the sound quality of any video production. 

By the way, I have used it (without the Smart Conversion Adaptor Cable) plugged directly into my MacBook to record voice-overs and it works and sounds great. No echoey sound like using the built in microphone on the Mac. 

To find out more or order your own
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iPro-Max Professional Lavalier Microphone

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