Sunday, June 14, 2015

What I have been up to

I am still plugging away at the "at least a mile a day if not more".  I have had to plan more of them now in the evening, even though it is still hot, the sun has gone down. Funny write that, as I just got back this afternoon from my 1.10 mile in 102 degree heat.  It wasn't bad but the head reflecting off of the asphalt is hot. For over the past year I have tried to change up my running, to be more of a mid-foot striker and more of a minimalist when it comes to shoes. I have been running wearing the XeroShoes, sandals. I will get more into this later this week, so check back.  I am enjoying the Sunday morning group rides I have been apart of over the past month and am looking to see about doing a group ride both weekend days.

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