Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Blog update April 1, 2015 (no joking)

This morning marked my 121 consecutive day of running at least "a mile or more".  I have been able to get some great mountain bike rides in over the past week for training.  I am staying really focused on my heart rate as well as finding good lines.  I am also working on my body position, staying seated, or getting up out of the saddle to help maneuver my bike around the trail.  There are two washes out on the trail that I am working hard to master.  I have been successful a few times, but I am really mentally and physically wanting to nail them, both, numerous times in a row.  I guess part of my struggle with them is the following through with my momentum and being able to carry it up the other side.  The lines I am choosing could improve also.  
I have begun some sandbag and kettle bell workouts at home looking to improve my strength.  
I am excited to also to be chosen to represent Eternal Water , a naturally alkaline spring water, again this 2015 year as a brand ambassador.  

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