Thursday, February 12, 2015

Naturalico Jump Rope

Now I have reviewed other jump ropes on here before but the Naturalico takes top honors for a great jump rope. To begin with, like any jump rope, make sure it is adjusted to your height. The cable is 10ft long to begin with but is adjustable to be used by people of different heights. The adjustment screws on the Naturalico jump rope cable make sizing a snap. Very easy to use thumb screws.  All the pivoting points on the handles are super sleek and designed very well.  As a reminder, check the thumb screws before each workout, as they may loosen a little. To size the jump rope, hold onto both handles with the rope falling to the ground. With the rope touching the ground, the handles should end up somewhere between the top of your shoulder and bottom of your armpit. Adjust the screws on either end to make this happen.  If you should have too much excess you can always use a wire cutters to shorten. Keep in mind this will permanently shorten your jump rope, and that is fine if you happen to be the only one using the jump rope. The rope is light weight and easily passes through the air during exercising. The cable rope is great for cross training and other fitness workouts. When not using the cable rope you can store it in the nylon bag it comes with. 

Out of five stars, the Naturalico cable jump ropes receives all five stars. 

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