Thursday, February 26, 2015

GOMA Solid Suction Cup Mount

When using your GoPro, using different mounts help increase your production value by adding different angles you can mount the camera from. The GOMA Solid suction cup mount will definitely help in that department.  The mount can be used suction cupped to the hood of the car or attached to the windshield on the inside or outside.  As with any mount, outside on a moving car, make sure to attach a cable or wire to the housing incase it does fail you don’t go losing your camera. The mount has a powerful vacuum suction cup attached to a 360 degree articulated arm. 

 The stainless steel thumbscrews are easy to tighten down after the suction cup mount is in place.  The GOMA Solid mount comes with a microfiber pouch to keep the suction cup, arm and smaller parts together in one place when not using. The mount is usable with any of the GoPro editions, simply using the basic snap mount.  For those who do vlogs or video casts using their GoPro, this is a great mount for doing just so.  

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