Thursday, December 18, 2014

Liztek Wireless Bluetooth Speaker PSS-60

 Liztek Wireless Bluetooth Speaker PSS-60

The Liztek wireless bluetooth 3.0 speaker delivers a great sound. The speaker can be used as a handsfree phone device when connected to your smartphone.  It can connect with smart phones, tablets, mp3 and mp4, laptops and desktop computers as well as portable gaming units. Each side of the speaker delivers 3W with the two piece 40MM drivers delivering a excellent rich sound. To fully charge the battery is takes about three hours with returning between five and eight hours of use.  This is done connected to micro-USB charging the battery located under the on/off switch. The bluetooth connection will reach to about 10 meters away. It can also be used as a wired speaker by simply using the line-in mini port on the back of the speaker. While connected by bluetooth, you can control your volume and tracks by using the buttons on top of the speaker. The speaker can play music off a flash drive with a USB port on the back or slip a TransFlash/SD card in the port also located in the back to play tracks off from them. 

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Linda Niehorster said...

Love this little Bluetooth Speaker. Great sound quality and very easy to pair with my Smartphone.

Devendra Tiwari said...

Nice speaker for group tour