Friday, December 19, 2014

Liztek Smart Bluetooth Speaker PSS-100

Liztek smart bluetooth speaker PSS-100

The high end quality sound from this speaker is beyond impressive. First off the battery life is up to 10 hours connected through bluetooth or up to 12 hours using the provided jack from line in from your device.  It can connect with smart phones, tablets, mp3 and mp4, laptops and desktop computers as well as portable gaming units. The bass sound is outstanding. 
While connected to a smart phone it can be used for hands free calling and SIRI can be activated, using an iPhone, with a button on top of the speaker.  It uses bluetooth 3.0  On the back of the speaker near the on button, is a micro-USB charging port. I use the speaker add great quality sound to videos while showing them to clients while bluetooth connected to my laptop.  The speaker can be set up to 10 meters away and still receive the signal, no problem. While connected by bluetooth you can control your volume and tracks by using the buttons on top of the speaker.  For someone who picky about quality sound without spending a lot this is a must have.  
The top of the speaker has a LED light indicator on it which blinks blue as the bluetooth is connected. The indicator will also indicate with a red light a low battery status. 
The six buttons on the top of the speaker control the handsfree talk mode or SIRI, moving a track back, playing or pausing a track, next track and volume up and volume down. On the back of the speaker are the on/off switch, line-in audio jack and micro-USB charging port. The speaker charges with the micro-USB plugged into a USB 2.0  To fully charge the unit will take between three and four hours. 
Incased inside the unit is a right and left speaker with the microphone in the center, for the handsfree use. 

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Devendra Tiwari said...

liztek Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker is best device for me because i am a traveler. it's sound quality is best.