Monday, November 3, 2014

Xtreme Bright's Pro Series X55 premium LED Headlamp

First off, I wear this headlamp on it's headband stretched over my helmet and use as an additional light to light my path on my mountain bike.  
So, the Xtreme Bright's Pro Series X55 headlamp is very functional with three modes, 50 percent power, 100 percent power and flash or strobe mode. The very bright zoomable light is powered by 4AA batteries which are covered by a silicone rubber cover. The switch to control the power is on the battery cover. The elastic strap is fits comfortably on your head, or in my case over the outside of my helmet.  I foresee using this lamp while running in the early mornings or getting a run in when it's dark out at night. The light is able to directed up and down if you are looking to direct the beam straight down from you or out farther away to see what's in your path. I am impressed with the quality of light that lamp is able to produce only using 4AA's.  

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