Monday, November 10, 2014

I AM A LOOKOUT - What it's all about

Let’s face it, when it comes to being struck by a car, you either know someone who has been struck or it maybe even yourself. It’s dangerous riding along with cars.  As drivers ourselves we know the numerous distractions that are out there.  LOOKOUTS are drivers that keep a special awareness not only to other vehicles but are keeping an eye out for those who maybe running or cycling along the same roads.  For instance traveling along side a cyclist, knowing not to make a right turn in front of them at a corner. There are numerous cyclists, commuters and runners out there.  They too need to make their journey to their destination whether it be at work or back home with their family. 
Leslie Kelly, the founder of I AM A LOOKOUT, started up this awareness campaign after her husband was struck by a vehicle while he was riding, and later a good friend of hers was not only struck but killed by a vehicle while out running.  
The I AM A LOOKOUT is a simple magnetic decal letting others drivers you are aware of the others out sharing the roads with you. 
Want to know more about I AM A LOOKOUT and be one also?

Check out Leslie’s website

The Suunto Ambit 2S

The display is very bright and large and you can choose and option to invert the display. 

I have been using the Suunto Ambit2S for about six months now.  I know they have released the Ambit3 already, but the Ambit2S is a great device for monitoring and capturing your workouts.  With over 3000+ apps designed for the Ambit2 its incredible with GPS and Heart Rate. Don’t find the app you are looking for or what it can capture? Design your own if you know what you are doing. The apps are training programs too.  Search the site and browse through the training programs available for a lot of sports.  I have stuck to using the open water swimming app, running, mountain biking, road cycling, triathlon (multi-sport) and even the app created to monitor your heart rate while you sleep.  Each app is customizable to let you set if you want the GPS to ping every second or every 10 seconds, etc, helping save the battery. With the watch having ANT+, it can synch with foot pods, cadence, and power meters.  I have used it on and off synching it with my MIO ALPHA which is also ANT+ enabled.  Could it be a match made in heaven for those who don't like the chest strap? 
 Suunto Ambit 2S, left, MIO ALPHA with ANT+

It's a great option. This watch and the technology built in it is pretty amazing. When I first started using it during pool / lap swims and I would download the data and it was able to tell the stroke (freestyle) I was swimming. It also calculated my stroke rate as well as numerous other types of data I selected it to collect. 

Keep checking back as I explain more of the Suunto Ambit2S. 

LES Labs Male Health Dietary Supplement w/ Tongkat ali LJ100 and Ginseng

The supplement supports testosterone production along with maintaining energy and performance. The suggested use is one capsule once or twice a day. I have been consuming just the one capsule in the morning daily for the past month. Each vegetarian capsule contains 200mg L-Arginine HCI, 150mg Maca Root Extract, 150mg Nettle Root Extract, 100mg Ginseng Panax Root Extract and 25mg Eurycoma Longifolia Root Extract ( Tongkat Ali LJ 100). As with any supplement, each person experiences different results. For myself, I have felt a little stronger and less run down after a typical workday or workout.  This could be caused by many things however.  For anyone wanting to boost their testosterone production, using this supplement might help them achieve that.  I am impressed with using the supplement in just over a month now. 

Legends Rash Guard

Legends Rash Long Sleeve Rash Guard
Many runners, cyclists, surfers and others that are active wear rash guard type of clothing. 

I was given to the Legends Rash Guard Long Sleeve top to test out.  The 80% Nylon 20% Lycra fabric hugs the body close, like a rash guard should.  The fabric stays close to the skin but not tight and constricting.  The care instructions say to wash in cold water and hang to dry. The rash guard to me is perfect for placing against your skin and allowing sweat to be wicked away in to outer fabrics. When winter comes and layering plays a part in staying warm, this rash guard will be my first layer.  The nicely stitched fabric is a good thickness and will not be worn down easily. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

MCL Surgery, on the road to recovery

Who's happier in this image? My mom or me as I come out of anesthesia from the surgery. 
(Note: I was still a little out of it as you might notice I put my shirt on backwards) 

So for any of you that happen to follow me on Twitter (@timhakr), you’ll know that Wednesday I had my MCL in my left knee repaired. Surgery was at 7am so the night before I didn’t sleep very well.  I was a little nervous but mainly excited to get the surgery done so I could begin to heal. The 45 minute procedure was over before I knew it, after being put under.  Some physical therapy is on the books and slowly easing back into running and cycling. I injured by MCL back in January and had been nursing it with a lot of ice packs and kinesiology tape.  I am anxious to get back on my knee and leg and not having it hurt while running or recovering a few days later. 
So while the MCL was repaired my doctor cleaned up the arthritis.  
Later on during the day I have been able to go without using any stronger pain medication prescribed, as I am feeling pretty good. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Xtreme Bright's Pro Series X55 premium LED Headlamp

First off, I wear this headlamp on it's headband stretched over my helmet and use as an additional light to light my path on my mountain bike.  
So, the Xtreme Bright's Pro Series X55 headlamp is very functional with three modes, 50 percent power, 100 percent power and flash or strobe mode. The very bright zoomable light is powered by 4AA batteries which are covered by a silicone rubber cover. The switch to control the power is on the battery cover. The elastic strap is fits comfortably on your head, or in my case over the outside of my helmet.  I foresee using this lamp while running in the early mornings or getting a run in when it's dark out at night. The light is able to directed up and down if you are looking to direct the beam straight down from you or out farther away to see what's in your path. I am impressed with the quality of light that lamp is able to produce only using 4AA's.