Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Shutout Solutions

You spend enough money on quality technical race wear and gear, don't let sweat and foul odors ruin them. How do you wash your technical wear to make them last longer and perform for you?
Shutout Solutions is the answer. With their patented SilverSync+ Technology that eliminates mold, bacteria and fungi without causing the user any reaction. They have incorporated this technology with 100% pure essential oils, which work hand and hand with the SilverSync+ Technology to deliver the best in deodorizing and sanitizing sprays. Silver has antimicrobial properties that have been known to cultures all around the world for many centuries. 

Shutout Solutions' five products consisting of clothing Detergent, Footwear Spray, Body Spray, Athletic Spray and Hair & Body Wash remove the odors from your body and clothing. They have you covered removing the stink and smell from your body to your clothing and gear used racing and training. As with all their products, it's recommended you shake them before using as the all natural ingredients inside can sometimes settle.  Here is a glance at each one of their products. 
Footwear Spray
Training for and running in a triathlon, putting on socks is a waste of time. So sweat inside a shoe will over time make it stink. Shutout's footwear spray eliminates odors by neutralizing them using SilverSync+ Technology with natural ingredients such as peppermint and tea tree to add a pleasant scent. In my triathlon bike shoes it is must to neutralizing odors. Running shoes are expensive, so bust out those older shoes you have stashed away due to them smelling and revive them.  Shutout's footwear spray helps maintain them by keeping them odor free. Periodically wash your shoes with Shutout Solutions' detergent to remove the sweat. 

Hair and Body Wash
When traveling to the gym or pool and showering afterwards having hair and body wash in one bottle is convenient. The wash removes the chlorine smell from my hair and body leaving an invigorating minty scent. The wash gives a cool refreshing tingly feeling on my skin with its all natural ingredients. Other sports body washes on the market have a perfume smell but not Shutout's. 

If your like me, I tend to wear my technical clothes for a workout and set them aside, waiting for the pile to be big enough to wash them.  This detergent is very concentrated so a little goes a long way.  The detergent removes the dirt, sweat and odor-causing bacteria. The silver particles from the SilverSync+ Technology are then embedded in the fabric and will help protect the fabric from smelling.  After washing my gear, inside out, I let them air dry as using a drying will only decrease the life of garment. The lightly citrus scented Shutout detergent has removed the smell from technical wear in which other products have just masked the smell. The Shutout Solutions detergent is safe for use in (he) high efficiency and standard washing machines.  Follow the directions on the back of the bottle for the amount to use for each machine.  Use the setting on your washing machine to allow it to pause and soak for up to 15 minutes. This will allow the detergent to penetrate deep in the fabric. Before wearing a new garment, wash it with the Shutout Solutions detergent to infuse it with the SilverSync+ Technology.  

Athletic Spray
The spray works great on backpacks or other gear you wear while working out that you don't want to wash right away.  I have used the spray inside my gym bag and misted the inside of my bike helmet and on its straps.  For other sports , it can be sprayed on football pads, helmets, gloves, etc. you get the idea. Anywhere you are wanting to remove the stench of body odor. 

Total Body Spray 
I use Shutout's Total Body Spray to remove the smell and odor after commuting to work or after a quick workout. The fresh and very invigorating scent of the tea tree and mint is great.  The Total Body Spray can be used all over your body, including your hair, skin,feet and hands to kill odor causing bacteria. It contains natural oils to help moisturize the skin.  
So there you have it.  Great all natural stink removing answers from Shutout Solutions. They have you covered from head to toe in removing that odor that anyone and everyone that works out has. All natural ingredients leaving you smelling great so you can tackle the world and perform at your best. 

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