Saturday, June 21, 2014

Icing Made Easy Defines the Icy Feet Cold Packs

The constant pounding, stride after stride, mile after mile, a lot of runners suffer at one time or another with plantar fasciitis. What is plantar fasciitis? It is a straining or irritation of the muscles along the bottom of the foot and arch. I know that cryotherapy or applying cold (ice) to the area will decrease the inflammation and the pain. Craig Snyder, the owner and creator of Icy Feet developed just a product to help treat plantar fasciitis.  I was given a pair of Icy Feet by Craig to try out.  Ice treatments or ice baths are very common to help recovery time, and with Icy Feet you'll be getting back on your feet faster. Simply strap on molded devices, Left foot and Right foot specific,  with their two very simple Velcro enclosures and sit back, prop your feet up and relax for the next 20 minutes. Craig mentioned to me, as we spoke on the phone, that he made the velcro straps long enough to accommodate strapping an ice pack to the top of your foot, if you are wanting to treat that area also. The raised arch and heel cup are very comfortable and places the cold treatment right where it should be. It's recommended you wear socks while wearing Icy Feet. Remember you are wanting to help the muscles on the bottom of the foot, not cause freezer burn to your skin.  Relax and raise your feet. Don't walk around wearing Icy Feet as it will damage them and is not recommended.
Now why would you be doing this you might ask?  The goal is to help the muscles, tendons, bones, nerves and all the different tissues used by your foot to recover.
Wearing Icy Feet causes your blood vessels to tighten, therefore draining the blood out of your feet.  When the time is up, your feet will begin to fill up with 'new' blood that invigorates the muscles with oxygen to help the cells function better. 
Although it is really a first-aid term R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) it also applies when recovering. 
Keep the Icy Feet conveniently stored in the freezer for use after your run or workout, or just a hard day standing on your feet.

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