Thursday, March 20, 2014

X-1 by H2O Audio to fuel your workouts

The smallest amount of sweat or water can turn your headphones into a quick piece of junk. You have invested enough in your audio, so why let sweat ruin it.  I enjoy using numerous audio set ups from X-1 by H2O Audio.  Not only are the headphones sweat proof but underwater proof too.  The devices I own have fueled many a sweaty and or pool workout.  I am either seen at the pool with my X-1 case for my 3rd generation iPod Nano that I wear in a Velcro belt or the Interval 4G waterproof headphone system attached to my goggle strap.  I guess you could say the one I use the most, is the one that is charged ready to go.  Both securely hold my iPod and keep it dry yet allow me to use my playlist to push my workouts to the edge.  I have a few different choices when it comes to headphones I use.  The Surge Sportwrap and Surge mini waterproof headphones are both high quality made and transfer music to your ears without having to worry about being ruined by any amount of moisture. Each set of headphones comes with different tip sizes that can be easily swapped out to fit comfortably. 

 The Surge Contact waterproof headset is great for those that want to stay connected with an in-line waterproof microphone.  The clip stays positioned where you put it and has a convenient one-touch answer/end button.  All the sets of headphones I have came with five sets of elastomer earplugs to comfortably fit any ear opening.   

As an ambassador and member of  Team X-1, contact me through my e-mail or DM on Twitter to find out about getting a discount. 

I advise only using your headphones while running, swimming, at the gym or other activity other than cycling on the road.  Using a headset while cycling is dangerous, as the rider must be listening for traffic and others around them. 

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