Saturday, January 18, 2014


What I use for my sports drink. HoneyMaxx and like the name says it's a honey-based sports drink.  Its a powder mix which is available in two flavors Orange and Lemon Lime.  The drink being based of honey does not create a spike in blood sugar and insulin.  It contains no refined sugar or other artificial sweetener as well as has no artificial colors.  I have been trying to use all natural honey as my way to sweeten foods I eat and drink,  and HoneyMaxx is a perfect hydration drink to do just that.  When mixing up the drink, keep in mind, it does dissolve differently.  Due to no other added chemicals to the drink, a slow pour of the powder into half of the amount of water you want to mix up is recommended.  Shake the bottle for a little and let it sit.  You may notice some of the drink accumulate at the bottom, this is the undissolved honey, that is normal and will happen.  Let the bottle sit for about five minutes and then shake again.  Add the rest of the water to the bottle and shake once more and your off.  This process is perfect, as I tend to mix my hydration drink ahead of my workout anyway.  

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